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loan officer

  • Prioritize client debt repayment to avoid dire consequences, such as bankruptcy or foreclosure or to reduce overall costs, such as by paying high-interest or short-term loans first.
  • Explain general financial topics to clients, such as credit report ratings, bankruptcy laws, consumer protection laws, wage attachments, or collection actions.
  • Advise clients on housing matters, such as housing rental, homeownership, mortgage delinquency, or foreclosure prevention.
  • Explain services or policies to clients, such as debt management program rules, the advantages and disadvantages of using services, or creditor concession policies.

loan officer

  • Disburse funds from client accounts to creditors.
  • Maintain or update records of client account activity, including financial transactions, counseling session notes, correspondence, document images, or client inquiries.
  • Advise clients or respond to inquiries about financial matters in person or via phone, email, Web site, or Internet chat.
  • Refer clients to social service or community resources for needs beyond those of credit or debt counseling.

loan officer

  • Estimate time for debt repayment given amount of debt, interest rates, and available funds.
  • Negotiate with creditors on behalf of clients to arrange for payment adjustments, interest rate reductions, time extensions, or to set up payment plans.
  • Recommend educational materials or resources to clients on matters such as financial planning, budgeting, or credit.
  • Create action plans to assist clients in obtaining permanent housing via rent or mortgage programs.

loan officer

  • Marketing the loan products in various parts of Mkuranga district where government officials are available.
  • To formulate strategies of finding new clients every day.
  • Customer care.
  • Filling the loan application forms with the clients.
  • To perform other duties as assigned by the Branch manager.

senior loan officer/ relationship manger

  • Handling proper leads and maintaining business activities . 
  • Providing proper services to customer from lead generation to disbursement .
  • Maintain relation with banks for business growth . 
  • Handling team and managing business targets for specific banks .