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loan manager

  • Approve, reject, or coordinate the approval or rejection of personal loans.
  •  Use computers for various applications, such as database management or word processing 
  •  Collect and deposit money into accounts, Keep records of collections and disbursements, and ensure accounts are balanced. 
  •  Create, maintain, and enter information into databases. 
  •  Operate office equipment, such as fax machines, copiers, or phone systems and arrange for repairs when equipment malfunctions. 
  •  Greet visitors or callers and handle their inquiries or direct them to the appropriate persons according to their needs. 
  •  Complete forms in accordance with company procedures 

loan manager

  •  Prepare checks. 
  •  Order and dispense supplies. 
  •  Supervise other clerical staff and provide training and orientation to new staff. 
  •  Train and assist staff with computer usage. 

senior loan manager

  • Checked approvals against established bank and government lending standards.
  • Discussed loan needs and financial histories with clients, and conveyed information regarding
  • the application processes.
  • Verified the income of the borrower and gathered their credit information.
  • Approved mortgage loans by examining applications and supporting documentation.
  • Maintained an average monthly pipeline of 65 active loans with 50 closed loans

loan manager

  •  One of my key responsibilities was to study, evaluate and handle loan applications. 
  • Build and maintain relationships with individual or business customers and  provide support with problems customers may face. 
  •  assisting with employee training programs.
  • assemble operational or risk reports for management analysis.
  • observing within markets  to find and attract new customers.