Kitchen Hand Resume Examples

kitchen hand

  • Food Prep
  • Cleaning of machines 
  • General workplace cleaning
  • Dishes
  • Waiter
  • Organisation  

kitchen hand/cleaner

  • Preparation of residents daily meals.
  • Cleaning of kitchen and Hostel rooms and community areas.
  • Waste removal.
  • OHS
  • Working with a diverse range of clients.
  • Working unsupervised.

kitchen hand, larder chef

  •    Mopping, Brooming
  •    Washing dishes 
  •    Helping chefs on a busy time
  •    Washing and sanitising fruits and vegetables
  •    Keeping the kitchen area neat and tidy
  •    Checking the temperature of fridge and cool room before/after the   end of service
  •    Notify the kitchen in charge about the hazards and 

kitchen hand/ front of house

  • Prepare bills for food, using cash registers or calculators and accept payment or make change.
  • Write food orders on order slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff.
  •     Dessert Serving 
  •    Salad Preparation

kitchen hand

  • Greeting customers over the phone and putting orders through the POS system
  • Season and cook pastas according to recipes or personal judgment and experience.
  • Working in a fast paced and busy environment
  • Cleaning kitchens and washing dishes.

kitchen hand

  • Provided fast and effective washing up of dishes making sure service was fast and reliable for chefs
  • Co-ordinated with chefs and other kitchen hands.
  • Cleaned up mess that would cause hazards following workplace health and safety procedures. 
  • Prepare specialty foods such as burgers, fish and chips, wraps, and Chicken, following specific methods that usually require short preparation time.

kitchen hand

  • Attend customers and taking orders
  • Proofing and Baking of breads
  • Customer needs and satisfaction
  • Food Prep and Retarding
  • Cooking in main kitchen area
  • Take care of general cleaning
  • Opening and closing the restaurant

kitchen hand/ waitress

  • Working with cash register and making sure that financial of the restaurant runs smoothly. 
  • Resolve any problems that may raise both with customers and employees. 
  • Worked here to gather more experience with public work settings. It allowed learning tips from kitchen staff on how to be efficient in the kitchen and out in the bistro.
  • Handled clearing tables and serving food to customers.

kitchen hand

  • Assist with preparing and serving various fruits and vegetables
  • Provided extensive knowledge of Maintaining a Clean and risk free environment.
  • Able to display strong Verbal communication and Customer service abilities.
  • I am able to work collectively with other staff members .

kitchen hand

  • Assist the chief with morning preparation and cooking after training. 
  • serve costumers with efficiency and smiles.
  • Hand washing kitchen equipment
  • Maintaining a clean work station