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kindergarten teacher

  • Instructed children between ages 3 and 6 on mathematical basics.
  • Assessed comprehensive student growth including academic, social and personal skills.
  • Delivered structured lessons on readiness skills by emphasizing phonics, language skills, literature and handwriting.
  • Encouraged and prepared students to become independent readers through systematic, multi-sensory instruction in phonemic awareness and decoding skills.
  • Reported to parents and administration about student progress.
  • Taught students writing, reading and counting abilities.
  • Marked lesson notes, corrected errors and made useful suggestions on written assignments for improved writing communication performance.

kindergarten teacher

  • Confer with parents or guardians, teachers, administrators, and other professionals to discuss children’s progress, resolve behavioral, academic, and other problems, and to determine priorities for students and their resource needs.Kindergarten Teacher for two sessions in a day. Responsible for 50 Kindergarten students.
  • Keep records on individual children, including daily observations and information about progress made.
  • Place children in foster or adoptive homes, institutions, or medical treatment centers.
  • Work in child and adolescent residential institutions.

kindergarten teacher / head of english program

  • Developed and implemented standards based lessons according to PBL , STEM , STEAM 
  • Served as a Team Leader for 21 teachers.
  • As a Team Leader, conducted quarterly meetings to update my team on school policies and changes.
  • Created a pleasant and provided school activities/events for 500 students.

kindergarten teacher

  • Developing the various aspects of children i.e. physical, emotional, mental, and social by allowing them to learn them according to their creativity.
  • Organizing the students in the group so they can interact with each other and by doing so they can develop their personality.
  • Interacting with each student and helping him/her to solve their problems.
  • Providing them the free and healthy atmosphere, so that they can develop themselves.
  • Liaising with the parents in order to convey them the progress of their child.
  • Inspiring the students to learn the new things and by doing so shaping their future according to their interest.
  • Arranging meetings with parents and discussing the development of the children.

kindergarten teacher

  • Supervise students and enforced discipline during all activities.
  • Identified signs of emotional and developmental problems in children and reported to parents.
  • Addressed behavioral and learning issues with parents and daycare management.
  • Maintained all the relevant records and ensured to complete all the assessments for each of the child to achieve the curriculum and the institution’s goals and objectives.
  • Developed the Child’s personal, physical and emotional skills.
  • Maintained effective relationship with the parents of the children.

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