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junior instrumentation engineer / project engineer

  • Responsible for the Instrumentation related technical documents and drawings for the allotted projects.
  • Preparation of Specifications, Data sheets, System block diagram, Instrumentation Index, I/O lists, Material Take-Off, Hook-up drawings, Location layouts, Cable schedule, Junction Box schedule, Junction Box wiring diagram, Interconnection drawings, Instrument installation drawings, Cable routing layout, Equipment location layout system.
  • Responsible for providing technical guidance & monitoring the work done by the CAD Technicians.
  • Responsible for attending meetings and solving all project related issues with the project team.
  • Responsible for co-coordinating with Sub-consultancy in getting the deliverables submitted on time.
  • Preparing Master Document Register for the projects and planning the project activities and making sure the deadline is met for all the activities.

instrumentation engineer

  • Erection and commissioning of field instruments, smaller logic controller from Tata Honeywell by reviewing the P&IDs, Instrument data sheets, Instrument hook up and Interface wiring details. 
  • Yokogawa control system was redesigned in Tagros Chemicals Ltd as per requirements and the HMI was successfully interfaced with the system.
  • OMRON operated PLC was erected in the Shasun Chemicals and drugs ltd, and programmed with the various analog and digital I/Os and successfully commissioned.  
  • Site opening, planning and mobilization, co ordination with consultant engineers and contract engineers, coordinating with sub contractors and third party vendors.
  • Preparation of sub contract tenders, contract negotiation and supervision of construction activities.

instrumentation engineer

  •  Study and review of tender documents, contract requirements and technical correspondence submitted in the proposal stage. Reviewing of Instrument data sheets, Instrument and F&G Location layout, Junction box Termination drawing, Cable Routing and Cable Tray layout, Loop Drawings, Hookup Drawing, Cable Schedule P&ID. 
  •  Review Un-Priced Purchase order issued by Procurement Department. Confirm that the Vendor/Suppliers should be among the Clients approved Vendor’s list and the materials  meet the KOC standard and codes. 
  •  Involved in Calibration, installation, commissioning and Trouble shooting of all type of field instruments such as Transmitters, Control Valve and MOV. Installation and commissioning of Fire & gas Instruments( Toxic Gas Detectors, Combustible Gas Detectors, Flame Detectors, Manual Call Point, Beacon and Sounder)Installation and Commissioning of Radar Level Transmitters & DP type Level Transmitters.
  •  Experience in review of DCS / PLC system Architecture drawings, graphics and PLC Logic diagrams, Reviewing of Panels, Marshaling and System Cabinets drawings. Reviewing & checking of Vendor submitted Panel GA drawing of Control Panel, SLD, Power distribution and termination wiring drawings as per the requirements. Review of Hook up drawing and bill of materials for Installation of Instruments. 
  •  Actively participate in Project meetings with clients, Vendors and contractors. Conducting daily progress review meeting with the Sub-ordinates and Sub-Contactors. Supervision of erection, cabling, loop checking and commissioning of field instruments. 
  •  Manage daily on-site operations such as headcount, check-ins of employees to ensure staff’s availability during working hours .
  •  Maintain monthly payroll and employee personal files to facilitate effective personnel management. Hands on experience in Calibration of field instruments 

instrumentation engineer

  • Devised overall strategy for documentation, performed on-site field surveys and wrote technical narratives to document processes, identified design sets planned for each stage of work including as-built designs and project Dossiers 
  • Developed and tested models of alternate designs and processing methods to assess feasibility, operating condition effects, possible new applications and necessity of free maintenance 
  • Identifying non-conforming works, generating reports and corrective actions and coordinating responses by managing deadlines and adjusting workflows as needed 
  • Provided device testing, including Site Acceptance Test(SAT), monitoring progress in PLC, SCADA, DCS, monitored and recorded defects by Performance Acceptance Test(PAT) to check device performance and effective continuous communication in SCADA 
  • Review / Prepare Design drawings and engineering specifications to ensure conformance with Clients requirements, relevant standard and practices preparation of Instrumentation drawings, wiring diagrams, loop diagrams, logic diagrams, I/O lists, alarm list, cause and effect, cable schedules and panel drawings 
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of Communication with SCADA system and equipment in Well Heads. Monitor SCADA interface, loop checking of field instruments, testing and trial operation activities, integration with other disciplines, Monitored commissioning activities and prepared loop folder and test reports 

instrumentation engineer

  • Reviews Client’s technical documentation and requirements.
  • Plan, supervise, coordinate and keep track of maintenance procedures and activities together with the maintenance manager and maintenance planner
  •   Execute and lead a team to carry out the activities of Instruments bench calibration, Loop checking of DCS, functional test of field Instrument & Control valves, MOV, Panel, Console, Monitors of CCR, Control desk and field instrument installation etc .
  •  Coordinated with vendor M/s.Schnider Electric for configuration of PLC HMI Workstation. Replacing the existing Modicon Proworx 32 quantum with Modicon unity pro s/w at Abdulliyah pump station instruments.