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hse engineer

  • Apply new or existing research about natural ecosystems to understand economic and industrial systems in the context of the environment.
  • Build and maintain databases of information about energy alternatives, pollutants, natural environments, industrial processes, and other information related to ecological change.
  • Recommend corrective measures to be applied based on results of environmental contaminant analyses.
  • Help direct rescue or firefighting operations in the event of a fire or an explosion.
  • Conduct worker studies to determine whether specific instances of disease or illness are job-related.
  • Maintain logbooks of daily activities, including areas visited or activities performed.
  • Review records or reports concerning laboratory results, staffing, floor plans, fire inspections, or sanitation to gather information for the development or enforcement of safety activities.

hse engineer (internship staff)

  • Identify and map the risk of accidents that might occur in the work environment.
  • Apply occupational safety and health programs as preventive and corrective measures.
  • Collect data related to ecological or human health risks at brownfield sites.
  • Test or balance newly installed HVAC systems to determine whether indoor air quality standards are met.

hse engineer

  • Educate the public about health issues or enforce health legislation to prevent disease, to promote health, or to help people understand health protection procedures and regulations.
  • Examine credentials, licenses, or permits to ensure compliance with licensing requirements.
  • Examine practices at green building sites to determine whether adherence to green building standards alters risks to workers.
  • Investigate accidents to identify causes or to determine how such accidents might be prevented in the future.

hse engineer

  •  Developed and implemented company safety plans, procedures and manuals. 
  • Oversaw production to ensure safe practices and equipment function.
  • Recommended changes and alterations of processes to improve safety and health outlooks.
  • Reviewed and updated HAZOP studies.
  • Used strong management skills combined with engineering principles to control safety and health initiatives.
  •  Provided support for Process Safety Management (PSM)  to ensure all processes ran smoothly.
  • Performed routine evaluations to ensure safety requirements were adhered to.

hse engineer

  • Management and implementation of the QHSE plan. And QSE policy. 
  • Preparation of large the Stops of production (Shut Down) for maintenance, of the hydrocarbon, facilities, HSE procedures, documentations and different strategy for HSE management.
  •  Evaluation of the offers and selection of people receiving benefits. 
  • Formalization and validation of the various procedures and HSE plan.
  • Preparation and coordination of SIMOPS folder and start-up in accordance with the rules and procedures in force (regulation/ATEX standards) .And validation of the update of the MOS registry. And organization of tasks according to the MOS register.
  •  Establish and implement the process safety management program (PSM). 
  • Tracking and identifying the various anomalies on the ESD/ F&G system, Attend ESD operation tests.