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  • Team leader – Commercial, Domestic and Residential garden maintenance and horticulture requirements
  • Identify plants as well as problems such as diseases, weeds, and insect pests for elimination and preservation of gardens
  • Tour work areas to observe work being done, to inspect and to evaluate plant and soil conditions
  • Assign work schedules and duties to staff, and supervise their work
  • Apply pesticides and fertilizers to plants
  • Cut and prune trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants
  • Graft plants

horticulturist (school based trainee ship)

  • Regularly check machinery and equipment
  • Use roller to roll out cricket pitches 
  • Mow the cricket pitches in a specific effective way   
  • Line up the creases and boundaries with specific equipment 


  •  Consulted with horticultural experts to assess operational strengths and weaknesses and plan enhancements to meet changing demands.
  • Optimized growth and development at every stage and moved finished plants to sales displays for customer viewing.
  • Used skills to grow new plants from seeds, clippings, bulbs and clone-cubes.
  • Supervised production planning while using appropriate tools and analysis for smooth production output. 


  • Determine types and quantities of horticultural plants to be grown, or needed for landscaping jobs, and new/current clients wanting garden makeovers or house sales.
  • Regular use and operation of specialist horticulture equipment  (ride-on-mower, self-propelling mower, hedger and extention hedger, brush cutter, hedger, blower and blower packs, puner, shears, saws, spray packs)
  • Provide information to customers and clients on the care of trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, and lawns.
  • Preparation and laying of Turf
  • Assist in constructing structures and accessories such as retaining walls, edging, paving, garden beds, pest/ possum proof enclosures for herbs and garden beds.
  • Identify plants as well as problems such as diseases, weeds, and insect pests and provide solutions.
  • Environmentally conscious of the environment, use of chemicals and pesticide, and waste/ disposal.


  •  Awareness of clients allergies and the environment, clients wildlife concerns (possum, bush turkey, snakes, bats) or attraction ( birds, butterfly, lizards, bandicoot and other wildlife).