Guidance Counselor Resume Examples

guidance counselor/secondary teacher – values

  • Directs the creation of an individualized educational/occupational program for each student at the school.
  • Assists students in evaluating their aptitudes and abilities through the interpretation of individual standardized test scores and other pertinent data, and works with students in evolving education and occupation plans in terms of such evaluation.
  • Works to discover and develop special abilities of students.
  • Works to prevent students from dropping out of school.
  • Helps students evaluate career interests and choices.
  • Obtains and disseminates occupational information to students and to classes studying occupations.
  • Remains readily available to students so as to provide counseling that will lead each student to increased personal growth, self-understanding, and maturity.

guidance counselor

  • Works with students on an individual basis in the solution of personal problems related to such problems as home and family relations, health and emotional adjustment.
  • Plans guidance field trips to schools, colleges, and industry for interested students.
  • Confers with parents or guardians whenever necessary.
  • Takes an active role in interpreting the school’s objectives to students, parents or guardians, and the community at large.