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freelance artist

  • Submit preliminary or finished artwork or project plans to clients for approval, incorporating changes as necessary.
  • Confer with clients, writers, art directors, curators, and other interested parties regarding the nature and content of artwork to be produced.
  • Collaborate with writers who create ideas, stories, or captions that are combined with artists’ work.
  • Attend art galleries, museums, retailers, conventions, community events, craft shows to market products.
  • Develop concepts or creative ideas for independent and collaborative objects.
  • Confer with customers to assess customer needs or obtain feedback.
  • Advertise products and work, using media such as internet advertising, social media, flyers, and networking events.

freelance artist

  • Self-taught watercolor artist.
  • Started selling individual commissions in high school.
  • Created a growing social media platform for communication and collaboration.
  • Has knowledge of different art mediums and brands.

freelance artist

  • As an artist, my creative discipline includes;  Integrating and developing visual elements, such as line, color, and perspective, in order to produce desired effects of ideas, emotions, or moods.
  • Conferring with commissioning parties regarding the nature and content of artwork to be produced.
  • Maintaining portfolios of artistic work to demonstrate styles, interests, and abilities.
  • Creating finished artwork as decoration, or to elucidate or substitute for spoken or written messages.
  • Creating mixed media and three-dimensional artwork by using abrasives and tools to shape, carve, and fabricate materials such as clay, stone, wood, or metal.
  • Creating sketches, profiles, or likenesses of posed subjects or photographs, using freehand drawing 
  • Studying different techniques to learn how to apply them to artistic endeavors.

freelance artist/musician

  • Jeff Verrechio (717)-379-6201
  • Tara Yount (717)-537-5895
  • Bryce Detweiler (717)-576-0770
  • (Jerry Cannon, owner)
  • Debra Macut (717)-982-1482
  • Jim Miller (712)-389-7630
  • Emma Irving (717)-585-9819

freelance artist

  • Develop concepts or creative ideas for craft objects.
  • Collaborate with a manager who handles administrative details, finds work, and negotiates contracts.
  • Managing
  • Monitoring events, trends, and other circumstances researching specific subject areas attending art exhibitions and reading art publications in order to develop ideas and keep current on art world activities.