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food service specialist

  • Funding, requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, accounting and storage. Preparing foods and drinks. 
  • Quality control and assurance, making sure food is in adherence to food regulations and conducting quality assurance, evaluation and inventory. 
  • Efficiently managed employees in extraordinary circumstances, pressured and relaxed environments leading to in many successes in the workplace.
  • Excellent knowledge in discipline and mentorship, and initiative which assisted in setting other employees on the path to success in the organization.
  • Provided leadership of 30 personnel ensuring 100% annual training, professional military education and promotion panels to include meritorious.
  • Leading employees with daily reports, miscellaneous tasks and end the week goals which led to 100% accuracy and satisfactory completion.
  • Coordinated methods that assisted in organizing and analyzing each employee’s accomplishments, discrepancies and necessary training with the use of Microsoft Office Suite.

food service specialist

  • Joined the Connely Cooking Competition and won two years.
  • Ran Fields sites in the desert for combat training.
  • Lived and worked in harsh environment to train and feed soldiers.
  • Inspect and maintenance assigned vehicles and trailers.
  • Make weld repairs to vehicles and trailers.
  • Perform Combat Training exercises and lead soldiers through the drills.
  • Perform Firearm training exercises and lead soldiers through the drill.

food service specialist

  • cutting vegetables and fruits
  • dicing onions
  • cubing cheese
  • slicing meat products
  • baking and bagging cookies
  • steaming vegetables such as peas, broccoli, and greens.
  • steaming and cooking starches like rice and potatoes

food service specialist/petty officer

  • Transport troops or goods to Field exercises.
  • Set up Field operations and prepped site.
  • grilling meats such as pork, chicken, and shrimp
  • cooking pancakes

food service specialist

  • cooking different styles eggs such as over easy, over medium, over hard, and scrambled.
  • making omelettes
  • served various foods on the line
  • working salad bar