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farm manager

  • Prepare for prosecutions related to animal treatment, and give evidence in court.
  • maintaining a fleet of two landcruisers ( one 70 series and one 40 series)
  • ensuring the hall for the local farmers market was clean and ready for the farmers market every saturday.
  • maintenance of tractors and farm machinery. 

senior farm manager

  • Management of experimental and commercial plots husbandry  activities
  • undertake environmental management of the farm including agroforestry
  • Manage farm fertility,organize for soil tests and proper use of agricultural inputs
  • Advice Deputy Director on proper utilization of land
  • Plan and organize harvesting and post harvest handling of produce 
  • Plan and manage irrigation and clean water systems for the station
  • Manage and coordinate mainatainance of farm machinery and equipment

farm manager

  • ensuring good animal welfare practices are adhered to by all staff on the farm.
  • getting the maximum number of cows into calf as possible to ensure a good calving season in the upcoming calving season.
  • ensuring the udder health is at the best it can be while practicing best methods possible to ensure this.
  • ensuring that milk quality is at the highest possible standard.
  • all milking machinery is kept clean and hygienic at al times.
  • all milking machinery is to be kept well lubricated, well maintained and serviced on time whenever necessary.
  • pastures are measured frequently and managed according to the growth rates to ensure maximum intake of grass, to ensure a maximum output of milk is achieved.

farm manager

  • forward planning.
  • making policy decisions.
  • budgeting and maintaining accurate financial records.
  • organising sales and purchases of livestock, farm equipment, crops and agricultural products.
  • handling paperwork and keeping administrative records.
  • recruiting, training/instructing and supervising farm workers. 

farm manager

  • regular servicing of tractors and farm machinery when required.
  • being a good ambassador for the company as I had to deal with people at the Karkloof farmers market regularly
  • management of farm personnel and casual labour
  • Management of wild fires