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drummer/touring musician/music industry

  • Performing in Detroit Venues
  • Touring throughout the United States
  • Active in all forms of promotion and public relations
  • Booking and creating bills
  • Merchandising and band graphic design  


  • Perform before live audiences or radio productions.
  • Can improvise parts to songs.
  • Do solos for a song or to fill in time
  • Play a large variety of genres of music


  • As a church band, usually being a five piece band, consisting of a bass guitarist, acoustic/electric guitarist, singer, pianist/keyboardist and a drummer are all exposed as individuals. This means that all of our roles have to link and blend into each other as a band to give a good and professional sound.
  • Being a drummer holds the responsibility of keeping a beat to keep the band sounding in time, as well as giving rhythm. Being the musician that gives everyone a reference point of keeping time, requires that I keep a very steady tempo and in control.
  • Discipline necessary to perform extended practice weeks before rehearsals are essential to get used to the music required, practising what sounds best at this particular point in the music, which is constantly changing.
  • Musicianship, teamwork and leadership are essential to creating a good band, working together as a team to solving problems that might come up, such as people having different ideas of what the band should sound, or problems at this specific part of the music.
  • The ability to hear and process other people’s ideas for how it should sound, and giving possibilities for solutions to other band members, such as recommending to change chords from the original at this specific point in time, are crucial to making a good band play together efficiently.


  • Keep count of the money that has been made.
  • Playing the drums in a band
  • Performing music at special occasions
  • Promote productions using means such as interviews about performances


  • Write drum fills and beats. 
  • Rehearse songs until they reflect the creative expression put into them.
  • Play shows all over the country.
  • Record in studios and work with producers to get the perfect sound.
  • Sell records/T-shirts/stickers.
  • Keep in contact with local fan base and involve them with all local dates in their city.