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dealer / promoter

  • Learn to be confident in front customer
  • Must know the product knowledge
  • Do a demonstration of product
  • Make them know how to using our product
  • Make them feelings love with the product


  • Energetic and Self- motivated.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to challenges and new invironment.
  • Fast learner and ready to meet expections on the job.
  • Equally effective working on self-manage projects or as a team member.
  • Provide a friendly costumer service.
  • Adhering and following company rules and regulations.
  • Resolved complaints competently.


  • Responsible for setting and maintaining appointments.
  • Familiarized with product and correct demonstration techniques. 
  • Cleaned equipment and made sure inventory was in stock.
  • Conducted paperwork for budget sales and payment plans.


  • Good Casino skills: card dealing, chip cutting, chip counting, etc… 
  • Responsible for game security;
  • Announces winning number or hand to players. Compute payable odds to pay winning bets. Collects losing bets. Pays winning bets;
  • Controlling the table, gaming rules, announcement on the table, etc.. 
  • Fill and credit chip on the table, opening and closing table;
  • Have good customer service;
  •  Trustworthy and good money-management; 

dealer (investment service centre)

  • Generate trading and investment ideas based on analyst reports, fundamental and technical analysis
  • Execute trades for Global Equities in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and US markets
  • Manage credit risks by monitoring client’s positions, contra matters and trading limits
  • Establish & develop excellent relationship with clients
  • Activate dormant accounts to increase revenue growth
  • Assist clients with trading and settlement issues involving payment, outstanding positions, and corporate actions such as dividends and rights issues
  • Troubleshoot any technical queries with regards to online platform