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cost analyst

  • Made reasonable cost budget and control of the RFQ process in cooperation with cross function team to obtain best cost from suppliers when new projects were kicked off.
  • Maintained and ensured accurate cost prediction information (E2E) on I2 CFE system for pricing team to price.
  • Made regular variance report when new panel trends were released.
  • Made monthly variance report between transaction cost and I2 system cost.
  • Quarterly AUR and AUC calculation for various regions (EMEA, AP, US etc.).
  • Team travel expense control.
  • Accountant statements check using SAP system.

cost analyst

  • Provide detailed yield/manufacturing analytics to management for decision-making purposes
  • Work through the SAP implementation and using SAP as a daily tool to generate production financial reports 
  • Assist with weekly/monthly financial VITAL reporting and provide explainations to financial analyst 
  • Manage the WIP and Raw Material Inventory 
  • Work with department managers with their overhead accounts -Assist finanacial anayst with the balance sheet reconciliation 
  • Ensure controls are in place to correctly report manufacturing performance 
  • Populate front-end transactions template, and input transactions into BPCS 

cost analyst

  • Work with cross-functional teams to solve cost discrepancies and trace down cost issues.
  • Maintain cost system and ensure accuracy of costs.
  • Prepare downtime reports weekly and monthly for period end schedule 
  • Work with inventory analyst to ensure inventory control take in place 

senior cost analyst

  • As part of Data Management Group (DMG), ensured accurate maintenance of SAP master data for materials, customers and vendors to enable monthly analyses of company performance. This includes the following functions:Setup of material codes for finished goods, packaging materials, raw materials, operating supplies, etc. in all necessary SAP storage locations (SLocs) and warehouses;
  • Extension of finished goods to 
  • Setup of all customer codes (export and local markets, and other AR accounts), ensuring, among others, that the appropriate reconciling account, account assignment and pricing groups are used;
  • Setup of all types of vendor codes (including local and foreign vendors) to enable creation of purchase orders (PO) for company requirements.

cost analyst

  • Draw charts and graphs, using computer spreadsheets, to illustrate budget reports for government contract.
  • Present oral or written reports budget vs actual for IT contract, varies job locations, and multiple departments within contract.
  • Interpret data on budget, yield, and other factors affecting contractual programs.
  • Provide support and assistance with Bill of Material changes