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child care worker

  • Worked as part of a team in a milieu-based adolescent male sex offender specific treatment program.
  • Performed overnight security duties (bed checks, log books, etc.) per company policy in a 12 bed, staff-secure facility.
  • Completed and submitted incident reports and shift change logs as necessary.
  • Assisted students with morning routines.
  • Applied Therapeutic Crisis Intervention skills learned in mandatory training.
  • Coached and supported students during times of emotional crisis.

child care worker

  • Led activities for over twenty children ages three months to twelve years.
  • Applied appropriate discipline for breaking rules to keep children safe.
  • Communicated with parents about child’s behaviors.
  • Kept notes of behavior issues, food allergies, and medical needs.

child care worker

  • Provide regular and consistent supervision of all children under their care by providing a creative environment using appropriate limit setting and structuring techniques within the boundaries of Childhelp’s standards.
  •  Implement and institute daily routines for the house. This includes evaluating house’s structure and its’ effectiveness.
  • Ensure the physical environment in the house meets the requirements as stated by management. Maintain a safe, positive atmosphere for the children. This includes cleaning, cooking and other housekeeping skills.
  •  Implement and institute regular head count tours per policy.
  •  Provide for the basic health needs of the children with the assistance of the Childhelp medical staff. This includes providing proper medical care, teaching personal hygiene habits, diet, and general preventative health care.
  •  Retain knowledge of the case history and the existing treatment plan for each child. Possess the ability to provide input for the re-evaluation of each treatment plan through daily observational logging and quarterly documentation that is essential for formulating that plan.
  •  Observe and record the children’s daily activities and complete incident reports with objectivity.

child care worker

  • supervise children while their parents use our gym.
  • Provide basic care to the children such as changing diapers, providing snacks, etc.
  • cleaning the child care room. Mopping, disinfecting, sweeping, and picking up toys.
  •  Communicate measurable behavior objectives to the children and guide children toward successfully achieving the objectives.

child care worker(diploma)

  •  Assist children to identify and overcome barriers that are interfering with learning and the ability to succeed in overcoming the barriers.
  •  Possess the ability to identify children’s needs and participate in the development and implementation of interventions for meeting them. This encompasses areas such as:
  •  Education: communicating with school, instituting individual homework plan, teaching, reading, etc.
  •  Emotional growth: building self-esteem, increasing self-control by identifying feelings and coping skills to deal with them. Relationship building and role modeling.

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