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chief executive officer

  •  Finance, accounts, and budgets, import of plant and machinery, erection and corporate affairs, reporting to Head office in Houston Texas and Board of Directors. 
  •  Operations – Direct interaction with Plant Manager, Contract Performance Managers of Operations and 
  • WAPDA -Interaction with WAPDA, sole offtaker of power generated under Power Purchase Agreements, on all issues Correspondence on legal and technical issues with support from plant  Ensure compliance of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) 
  •  Corporate- Responsible for Company’s corporate reporting,  maintenance of record, filing with Securities 

chief executive officer

  •  Manage projects or contribute to committee or team work.
  • organising different events in relation to the organisation goals.
  • Advocating rights of people living with disabilities.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with other agencies and organisations in community to meet community needs.

chief executive officer

  • Direct or coordinate an organisation’s financial or budget activities to fund operations, maximise investments, or increase efficiency.
  • Confer with board members, staff members and stakeholders  to discuss issues, coordinate activities, or resolve problems.
  • Analyse operations to evaluate performance of a company or its staff in meeting objectives or to determine areas of potential cost reduction, program improvement, or policy change.
  • Direct, plan, or implement policies, objectives, or activities of organisations or businesses to ensure continuing operations, to maximise returns on investments, or to increase productivity.
  • Serve as liaisons between organisations, shareholders, and outside organisations.
  • Review and analyse legislation, laws, and public policy, and recommend changes to promote and support interests of both the general population and special groups.
  • Interpret and explain policies, rules, regulations, or laws to organisations, government or corporate officials, or individuals.

chief executive officer

  • Leading the development of the company’s short- and long-term strategy
  • Maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities, industry developments, etc.
  • Ensuring that the company maintains high social responsibility wherever it does business
  • Setting strategic goals and making sure they are measurable and describable
  • Assessing risks to the company and ensuring they are monitored and minimized
  • Organized budgets, oversaw P&Ls and achieved margin targets consistently to stay on track with growth plans.

chief executive officer (ceo)

  • Launched and scaled a new outbound marketing agency to 25 employees in the 1st month of launch. 
  • On boarded 6 US Clients in the first quarter, to generate a MRR of $9000, making the company self-reliant.
  • Experimented with multiple email marketing tools to figure out the best / scalable outbound solution with ~70% Automation.
  • Launched highly successful email marketing campaigns, beating the industry standards in all key metrics. Achieving open rates above ~60% and reply rates above ~5%. 
  • Hired and trained a team of 18 outbound specialists in standard outbound procedures.