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cctv operator

  • Ensure the proper function and recording of all camera systems in the facility
  • Surveillance of up to 15 cameras at one time
  • Prepare reports and presentations on any adjustments or improvements necessary to the safety of the facility
  • Communicate with guards throughout the premises directing them when necessary
  • Determine the threat level of a suspicious situation or person

cctv operator

  •   Taking care of visitor & vendor management. 
  •   CCTV footage checklist. 
  •   Monitoring vendor & visitor thought CCTV. 
  •   Issuances/ reconciliation of loaner badges. 
  •   Issuances/ reconciliation of visitor badges. 
  •   Handling associate request/Query/complaints coming at security live desk. 
  •  Handling employee’s NEW/LOST/DAMAGE ID badge request and assist them with required information. 

cctv operator

  • Servillance all areas
  • Telephone Operator
  • Panel Alarm Operator
  • Encoding all Files

cctv operator

  •   Handling employee’s NEW/LOST/DAMAGE cabin keys request and assist them with required information. 
  •   Monitoring the door alarms Raised at site along with badge-Inada & BAC. 
  •   Monitoring lost and found items at GF control room. 
  •   Monitoring materials movement. 

cctv operator/pipe reliner/waterproof applicator

  • CCTV Drainage Inspections – Inspection of sewer and stormwater systems to determine and survey damage. Also to provide reports on findings. 
  • Pipe Relining & Patching – Inversion pipe relining and patching using a variety of epoxy resins. Creating new sections of pipe through the damaged sections without digging up and replacement. 
  • Waterproofing – Using a variety of products and techniques on various substrates to make roofs and balconies water tight. Using spray on membranes to torch on, ive done it all. 
  • Structural Stabilisation