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cavalry scout

  • Responsibilities consist of managing equipment maintenance.
  • New Equipment fielding.
  • Inspect, log, and organize all unit equipment for major inspection.
  • Lead in day to day unit level operations.
  • Deployment April 2011-April 2012
  • Secure, and Prepare vehicle for operations.
  • Perform navigation during operations.

cavalry scout

  • To conduct reconisannce and report everything observed and heard to my first line leader.
  • To conduct security operations through out our stronghold.
  • To keep noise and light disipline at all time when in a “combat area” 
  • Capable of working under stress, with minimal or no sleep.

cavalry scout (basic training/ait)

  • Uphold and live the army values.
  • Express leadership and confidence through anything that I do.
  • Attracted recognition for adaptability in all aspects and numerous different fields of service.
  • Effective decision-maker in high-pressure environments.
  • Build bonds with strangers to consistently build trust and respect.
  • Ensure that my battle buddies are doing the right thing at the right time.

cavalry scout

  • Maintain discipline, remaining calm under stress.
  • Perform basic soldiering tasks (i.e. Weapon qualification, Physical Fitness, Up to Date Annual Briefings, Map reading, Equipment Checks)
  • Maintain Military Drivers License, perform basic vehicle maintenance and Pre-Combat checks
  • Obtain and analyze information and pass down to Junior Enlisted soldiers.
  • Conduct Reconaissance and Specific job duties relative to mission (training and actual)
  • Maintain readiness, be sure other soldiers are readily available when needed. (i.e Accountability)
  • Utilize Government software and maintain security clearance on intel.

cavalry scout

  • Maintained government issued equipment, to include heavy machinery.
  • Maintained all government regulated personal fitness and trained skill standards for the duration of enlistment.
  • Successfully trained and led soldiers, subordinates, and civilian contractors as dictated by higher leadership and mission.
  • Completed a combat deployment from Dec. 2007 to March 2009. Was honorably discharged in 2012.