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junior assistant

  • Feed and water livestock; and monitor food and water supplies.
  • Drive trucks, tractors, and other equipment to distribute feed to animals.
  • Mix feed, additives, and medicines in prescribed portions.
  •  Inspect, maintain, and repair equipment, machinery, buildings, pens, yards, and fences.
  • Clean stalls, pens, and equipment, using disinfectant solutions, brushes, shovels, water hoses, and/or pumps. 


  • Respond to customer inquiries or complaints.
  • Schedule guest appointments.
  • Maintain client databases.
  • Coordinate facility schedules to maximize usage and efficiency.
  • Perform accounting duties, such as recording daily cash flow, preparing bank deposits, or generating financial statements.
  • Monitor operations to ensure compliance with applicable health, safety, or hygiene standards.
  • Sell products, services, or memberships.


  • Provide product information, using lectures, films, charts, or slide shows.
  • Write and record orders for merchandise and enter orders into computers.
  • Order or purchase pamphlet’s.
  • Answer clients’ questions regarding company.


  • Answered telephones and gave information to callers, take messages/ transfer calls.
  • Assisted employees with computer usage, and organizing files.
  • Set up decorations and food for investors meetings/ conferences. 
  • Attended events, assisted with seating charts and handing out flyers.
  • Completed office tasks such as restocking supply shelves, using equipment to clean office space, etc.


  • Mix cleaning solutions, abrasive compositions, or other compounds, according to formulas.
  • Drive vehicles to or from workshops or customers’ workplaces or homes.
  • Pre-soak or rinse machine parts, equipment, or vehicles by immersing objects in cleaning solutions or water, manually or using hoists.
  • Sweep, shovel, or vacuum loose debris or salvageable scrap into containers and remove containers from work areas.
  • Clean the plastic work inside cars, using paintbrushes.