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agile coach/technical lead

  • Led +7 teams for different clients.
  • In charge of internal innovation program and internal software factory.
  • Agile Training for engineers and product people.
  • Consultant in business strategy and Lean startup for customers.

agile coach/scrum master

  • Conduct Agile Scrum Health Checks per team
  • Participate in Agile related games between various interrelated teams for better understanding and Estimation of Epics/Stories 
  • Reporting to the Senior Management on the Agile Transition on weekly basis 
  • Managing Jira tool Scrum report, scrum Epics/user Stories for various teams, Daily Standup meetings,Sprint planning 
  • Standardization/Managing Demos, attending to impediments, conduct Retro,sprint planning and Refinement sessions 
  • Coaching Online-Mycare delivery for multiple country rollouts 
  • Maintaining the velocity and KPI as per the Transformation agile metric

agile coach

  • Developed and delivered team and organization training materials and workshops, building knowledge and skills to facilitate the Agile transformation.
  • Coached teams, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Managers and Executives on Agile values and principles to promote continuous improvement in practices and artifacts.
  • Wrote Agile FAQs, articles and success stories which were distributed via newsletter and posted on a SharePoint site to improve the Agile maturity level.
  • Implement OKR in organisation

agile coach

  • Led the Agile transformation in a +1000 employee organization during the last year.
  • Guided the teams in the new structure with Business Units.
  • Generate and train agile internal community. Currently coaching +15 Scrum Masters and +10 Product Managers.
  • Leading the internal innovation program and acting as Product Manager in 3 internal startups helping them to go from ideation to incubation.
  • In charge of internal training program for Product Managers and Agile Engineers.
  • Creator of Agile Practices inside the company