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More Job Descriptions for statistical analyst Resumes


statistical analyst

  • Update and maintain missing item attributes for OpCo and SBS buyers
  • Create manual calendar assignments for vendors
  • Identify orders stuck in the CIF and work with IT, SBS and OpCo buyers to address the issue. 
  • Create and maintain demand alerts for SBS buyers
  • Assist SBS Procurement in validating correct zships in APO
  • Provide back-up files from APO to SBS Supply Chain
  • Identify ordering issues with items due to missing or incorrect item attributes. 

statistical analyst

  • Worked on SAS AND SPSS (package which supported by SAS platform) 
  • Applications of statistical procedures in Designing advanced study concepts for Bioequivalence studies i.e., Partial Replication, Fully Replication studies ( For Reference as well as Test compound)
  • Suggest sample size for BE studies, using SAS programming and Boot strap simulations
  • Finalise the statistical methods to be used in BA/BE studies 
  • Code and run the SAS programmes for different statistical applications to be used in  product development and Bioequivalence studies 
  • Review and provide the statistical inputs for all the pilot and pivotal BA/BE studies and ensure that the statistical methods used are as per the approved study protocol.
  • To deal with all statistical deficiencies and Queries received from various regulatory agencies  

statistical analyst

  • Work with the product development team for networking domain client to build a Root cause analysis product which will detect the root cause of an anomaly based on log data and machine health kpi’s using deep learning network in Python.
  • Worked on Rebaca’s internal quality management data to build a predictive model based on different performance score of the employees over customer satisfaction using R. The data contains almost 6-7 years of 105-110 employees performance data. 
  • Side by side working experience with the big data team, like helping spark developer to apply machine learning algorithms using spark MLlib or with BI developer creating multiple charts in tableau.