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gis technician

  • Completed a digitizing project for all buildings in Festac, Lagos-Nigeria.
  • Created a nominal town boundaries for all 11,000 towns in Ghana, with the help of other two department members.
  • Trained 50 GIS students to perform two projects: creating nominal town boundaries for all African towns and digitizing(points) all Ghana structures(buildings).
  • Data management; cleaning of all databases using Postgres SQL to be projected on the company’s basemap for Africa. (

gis technician

  • Built and Managed Geo Spatial Databases using Arc Suite.
  • Automated the Back end Geo Database testing using Selenium and Java.
  • Provided Agile estimations and built story points.
  • Managed Offshore team for timed delivery of story points.

gis technician

  • Identify deficiencies in geographic models to stakeholder satisfaction; global road network regression analysis; remote sensing andanalyzing aerial imagery
  • Kaart Group Mentoring Program creator and leader: integrateteams and culture that demonstrate high levels of collaborationand innovation by understanding/defining the resources needed toachieve personal, team, and client goals
  • Entry of raw data into GIS Database                                                   
  •  Read and Interpret maps                                                        

gis technician

  • Work on Georeferencing of data
  • Conversion of data from different file formats to GIS
  • Different  methodologies for collecting data in the field, as according to need.
  • Digitizing on screen in ArcMap.

gis technician

  • Development and maintenance of GIS data management system using ESRI products
  • Stakeholder engagement and coordination with Water Source Partnerships across South Africa
  • Research and innovation:Prioritization of strategic water source areas in South Africa, 
  • Systems thinking (WEF nexus in SA)
  •  Circular economy 
  • Behavioral change