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environmental coordinator

  • Updating and managing the chemical inventory and material safety data sheets;  
  • Good Manufacturing Practice; 
  • ISO 14001 implementation and audit participation;   
  • Environmental Non-Conformances & Root Cause Analysis using the Fishbone Diagram; 
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness training and topics; 
  • Incident investigations and Case identifications in and around site
  • Handling oil spillages and waste disposal;           

environmental coordinator

  • Produce environmental assessment reports, tabulating data and preparing charts, graphs and reports.
  • Arrange for the disposal hazardous and non hazardous waste.
  • Close an environmental passive (Contamination of Soil).
  • Lead the closure of an opened action plan to obtain the certification as “Insdustria Limpia”.
  • Complete the Implementation of the Environmental Management System and obtain the certification under ISO 14001.
  • Conformation of the Environmental Council.
  • Provide training and education to employees to promote an environmental protection culture. 

environmental coordinator

  • Managed the Preparation and Compliance of over 20 Certificate of Environmental Clearance Applications and Certificates ranging over the designated activities for the oil and gas industry
  • Managed Four (4) Environmental Impact Assessment Projects for Drilling, Exploration, Infrastructure Upgrades and Pipeline Installation for onshore and offshore blocks on the West and East Coast Of Trinidad from Inception to execution and maintenance of compliance for said projects
  • Prepared and received the first Source Registration Certificates under the Air Pollution Rules for a Lease Operator Company under Heritage Petroleum while strategically reducing the cost to obtain the requisite data by approximately $500,000 ttd.
  • Managed Water Pollution Permits and their compliance for a period of five (5) years for four (4) facilities onshore and currently executing the successful renewals of same.
  • Working to develop Produced water strategies onshore and offshore exploring options and initiating projects to develop the viable options including Potential Water Disposal wells and technology options such as Reverse Osmosis, Dissolved Air Filtration etc.
  • Acting as the Company liaison for all Environmental Incidents with all Regulatory bodies
  • Providing Awareness training to all employees

environmental coordinator

  • Inspect or review projects to monitor compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Create project best management practices relating to environmental concerns.
  • Perform project inspection with clients.
  • Coordinate corrective actions on projects for environmental issues. 

environmental coordinator

  • Explain or enforce regulations regarding vehicle use, fires, use of buildings, or sanitation.
  • Stakeholder engagement pertaining to environmental work on and off site; 
  • Fire extinguisher, gas storage and chemical storage monitoring. 
  • Site evaluations and communication with appropriate staff pertaining non-compliance observed. 
  • Responsible to developing and maintaining the company’s Environmental Management System