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More Job Descriptions for environmental consultant Resumes


environmental consultant

  • Collected data and prepared periodic reports on environmental issues, reducing the impact of the development to the environment through the mitigation measures formed and implemented by the developers.
  • Assisted in undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment/ Audits on projects presented to NEMA Kenya, reducing environmental impacts of development projects.
  • Conducted independent research on urban transport and road infrastructure in then area of environmental monitoring, data and assessments to determine suitability, validity and accuracy of data provided by different sources before presenting the findings to the Governor.
  • Devised an Environmental Management System which allowed the proponent to ensure the contractors fulfill their environmental obligation on their behalf in order to protect the environment and ensure environmental safety within different towns.
  • Developed an idea my employer acted upon, increasing the client base from 2% in 2014 to an increase of 6% by mid 2016.
  • Identified current environmental policy and management systems that enhanced productivity of the company by 10% when writing reports to present to the environment body NEMA.
  • Participated in capacity building, raising awareness and outreach activities with the team, training 12 supervisors from different site visits ensuring safety measures were met as required by the environmental bodies in Kenya and the construction agency.

senior environmental consultant

  • Environmental Authorizations (EAs)
  • Water Use Licence Applications (WULA)
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and Programmes (EMPRs)
  • Basic Assessment Reports (BARs)
  • Health Safety Environment and Communities (HSEC)
  • Prospecting, Mining Permit and Mining Right Applications
  • Prospecting and Mining Work Programmes

environmental consultant

  • Conducting  Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental advisory by  implementing an Environmental Management System
  •  pollution and waste management
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring & enforcement
  • Maintaining an administration system, by ensuring that records (reports and findings) are filed.

environmental consultant (project manager)

  • Advise industries or government agencies about environmental policies and standards.
  • Prepare, maintain, or revise quality assurance documentation or procedures.
  • Preparing EIA, IEE and EMP report by compliance with Environmental Conservation Law, Rules and EIA Procedures (2015)
  • Coordinating stakeholders for EIA, IEE and EMP works 

environmental consultant

  • Prepare written, oral, tabular, and graphic reports summarizing treatment process during normal operation and the necessary inspections,checklists and follow up study for proper maintenance and operation of treatment processes .
  • Collecting required documents, manuals and data for reproducing them in a comprehensive manner.
  • Build and maintain database of information about equipment (flotation tank, disc filter etc), components ( pumps,valves etc) and measurement units (flow meter, turbidity meter etc). 
  • Discuss with engineers and operators to test protocols during troubleshooting and/or during chemical-fire hazard.