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associate product manager

  • Notifications: Worked on Product level user notifications that reduced the cart abandonment by 7 percent, increased AOV by ~ 4% and increased repeat user behaviour.(Data yet to determined)
  • Worked on User tracking and sign up flow on web, iOS and Android.
  • Working currently on bundled deals in groceries to see if it increases cart value for the customers.
  • Working on delivery reminders on T-2 to reduce reverse logistics cost and experimenting methods to reduce rescheduled delivery costs.

associate product manager

  • Owned,defined and modified the product roadmap for Zoho CRM. 
  • Led 7 cross functional teams for product development. Planned, tracked and handled the entire Software Development Life Cycle process using agile methodologies.
  • Modelled, designed and delivered ZIA, an AI-driven Sales assistant for optimising CRM data through data mining and machine learning to deliver business information such as Sales predictions, suggestions and alerts.
  • Improved B2B customer growth by 25% by introducing a process that enables administrators to define a systematic sales process for their organisation.
  • Worked closely with the Sales team, Regional Marketing Teams, PR agency to define a product strategy, analysed budget distribution and increased product growth by 20%.
  • Represented CRM in Zoholics, an annual user conference of Zoho, and explained the Automation direction of the product to various stakeholders.
  • Introduced Scoring rules to identify the most sales-ready prospects and a process.

associate product manager/ business analyst

  • Jio Beat Planner (JBP) app was designed to ease the work assignment to the Field team, especially in Sales & Distribution’ Fleet on Street. 
  •  JBP enabled planned work assignment, and unplanned work tracking, along with the real time visibility of FOS by their respective Managers.
  • It became a unified app for all the work that a FOS does when he is on field and a one stop shop for Managers and NHQ team to monitor the progress and discipline at the field.
  • JBP introduced the real time assignment and improved the productivity of individual

associate product manager

  • Managed the speed to market program for 40+ mobile device launches a year, including developing roadmaps, forecasting load in quantities, and leading cross-functional team 
  • Streamlined and restructured the brand protection workflow to save 25-30 man-hours a week while improving customer experience and overall effectiveness of the program
  • Developed and analyzed reports to track and evaluate brand and product performance, product sell through, customer attach rate, and financial performance
  • Setup new products and optimized their presentation for ecommerce platform

associate product manager

  • Expanded the product line for Fleece blankets by 80 SKUs for Amazon US market by sourcing variants 
  • Successfully designed and on-boarded an assortment of products for the Fleece Bathrobes and Pet Supplies category, introducing the products for the first time to the company portfolio
  • Achieved and maintained first page keyword rankings on Amazon US for Fleece blanket variants
  • Improved sales and profitability through continuous product and packaging innovation and streamlined marketing
  • Enhanced content (including videos, text and images) for online listings
  • Introduced a focused product mix of Fleece Blankets to the Amazon UK and Canada markets
  • Planned inventory and demand forecasts to minimize storage costs