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aba therapist

  • Implement specific behavior interventions that include antecedent, behavior and consequence strategies.
  • Provide 1:1 therapy both academically and socially to increase language and communication skills, social skills, play skills, and daily living skills.
  • Create a fun and motivating environment by reinforcing appropriate behavior.
  • Observe and track individual student progress through daily data collection and graphing.
  • Collaborate with teachers, school staff and BCBA’s to ensure student’s progress.
  • Participate in staff trainings for professional development.

aba therapist

  • Validated intensive behavioral interventions; observed and ensured that necessary intervention was performed appropriately based on each individual’s assessment
  • Taught objectives on individual treatment programs using the principles of applied behavior analysis including discrete trial, shaping, natural environment training, verbal behavior, social skills, self-help, and behavior
  • Implemented weekly behavioral and learning programs
  • Collaborated and communicated with clients and families in an empathetic manner that made a positively impact on each patient’s behavior and treatment

junior aba therapist

  • Helps increase socialization, play and language skills, while minimizing or eliminating negative behaviors.
  • Motivate the kids through positive reinforcement of good behaviors and ignoring incorrect behaviors.
  • Applies educational techniques based on the needs of each kid.
  • Providing ABA therapy alongside relevant therapies – occupational therapy, vision therapy and speech therapy

aba therapist

  • Sought employment opportunities for consumers
  • Taught objectives on individual treatment programs using the principles of applied behavior analysis
  • Collaborated and communicated with clients and families 
  • Performed school shadowing
  • Implemented ABA techniques including DTT, PRT, PECS 
  • Provided parent education and encouraged parent participation

aba therapist

  • Worked with children ranging from 3-13 on the autism spectrum
  • Implemented strategies and goals set
  • Prepared materials needed for therapy sessions
  • Collected and managed data from each 1-1 session
  • Guided students with any adjustment problems, academic problems, or special academic needs
  • Attended IEP meetings with parents, BCBA, testing specialists, and other professionals to help develop goals
  • Met with parents or guardians to discuss their children’s progress and taught skills for dealing with their child’s impairments