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wildlife technician

  • Conducted trapping, radio collaring, and monitoring (fixed wing and ground telemetry) operations for gray wolves, coyotes, bobcats, black bear, deer, and moose.
  • Conducted field necropsies.
  • Performed GIS analyses of multiple species’ location data extensively. 
  • Compiled and developed data entry screens, spreadsheets, databases, and data summaries to meet objective requirements for the State of Michigan.

wildlife technician (seasonal)

  • Construction and installation of egg bait sites for attracting predators.
  • Upkeep and maintenance of technical equipment needed for transportation and for construction purposes.
  • Monitoring areas for use of specific species of interest.
  •  Conducted surveys in remote areas to determine population numbers.
  • Predator and pest control using poisons and firearms.

wildlife technician

  •  Input and edit netting data, data collected during various netting expeditions. Hiked to chosen areas and set up mist nets. Remove birds from nets and transport them to processing station. Such work has occurred in Manu’a, Upolu and Savaii. Tonga, New Caledonia, Fiji with Wallis and Futuna. This data is also entered into national banding database with Bird Banding Laboratory in Virginia. 
  • GIS and GPS, I am familiar with software where I can create maps for various projects.
  • Assisted with Phenology Research, Helped researchers Dr. Edward Webb and colleagues collect phenology data from vegetation plots established and distributed equally across Tutuila and Manu’a. 
  • Ficus spp. Survey, locate and GPS species across American Samoa.
  • Land-bird transects, assisted with land –bird point transects on Tutuila and Manu’a 
  • Early morning Birds and Bats counts, assisted in monthly counts of birds and bats during the dawn hours. 
  • Fruit Bats colony count assisted in quarterly colony counts across Tutuila Island by boat.

wildlife technician

  • Maintain grounds for wildlife to thrive in 
  • Trusted to use over $250,000 in machinery 
  • Prepare hunting grounds so hunters can appropriately use to hunt on
  • Turtle tagging and transmitter, lead in project by monitoring areas for turtle activities, capture, tag, apply transmitter and release. 
  • Humpback and cetacean survey, lead person in coordinating and providing logistics with Hawaiian Island National Marine Sanctuary researchers. 
  • Avian Influenza project, lead person for project by monitoring, collecting and shipment of samples for Bird Flu detection. 
  • Competition and Predation project, lead person to monitor and collect data from fruit cages within vegetation plots to see what if there are animals or pest that would feed on fruits.