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vet tech

  • Assisting in treating sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, setting bones, dressing wounds, or performing surgery.
  • Animal restraining, blood drawing, nail clipping, educating clients on vaccination schedules and preventatives.  
  • Perform initial evaluation of the animal’s condition, clean and wrap wounds, check vital statistics, collect samples, and administer medication.  
  • Assisting in euthanasia procedures, preparing tissue samples, assisting with dental care, performing laboratory tests on  blood counts and urinalysis, recording animal case histories, developing radiographs and x-rays, providing specialized nursing care, providing post-operative care, sterilizing surgical and other laboratory equipment, and vaccinating animals.

vet tech/room tech

  • Assisted veterinarians during animal examinations and post-surgery monitoring; escalating changes of behaviour to doctors.
  • Performance of routine and diagnostic tests including use of equipment such as radiography and ultrasound. 
  • Administration of medications and immunizations to animals.
  • Pre, during, and aftercare of animals including restraining, monitoring, trimming and bathing including service and therapy dogs.
  • Ensuring surgical and examination equipment, kennels, examination rooms, and operating rooms are in line with hospital standards.
  • Educating owners and the public at large to instruct them how to modify behaviours and increase their knowledge of diseases in line with best practices.

vet tech/ assistant

  • Performing diagnostic tests and x-rays in house and lab
  • Preparing animals and instruments for surgery
  • Administering medications, vaccines, and treatments including venipuncture and catheter placement for fluid therapy
  • Providing emergency first aid and or general nursing care for in-patient and out-patients.
  • Observing and reporting on the behavior and condition of animals and reporting to DVM 
  • Restraining animals for examination or treatment
  • Administering anesthesia and assisting during medical procedures

vet tech/ assistant

  • Performed proper restraints of animals and injection/anesthesia
  • Collected TPR, blood, stool, urine samples and interpreted lab data per DVM
  •  Performed Vet Tech duties when needed which included: administering medications, assisting in surgeries.
  •  Maintained and sterilized all surgical instruments and equipment 
  •  Utilize such tools as IV catheters, Tonopen, and digital radiographs. 
  •  Monitor anesthesia before, during, and post administration and blood draws (from jugular, cephalic, or saphenous veins). 
  •  Helped assess and assisted on complete care of ill animals for the time of stay 

vet tech

  • Identify case issues and evidence needed, based on analysis of charges, complaints, or allegations of law violations. I also assisted with doing the surgeries on the animals and helping the front desk do the paperwork at the end of the day.
  • File patient record.
  • Basic sales of food and treats.
  • Helped clients with questions to the best of my ability.

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