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vet assistant

  • Responsible for caring for and managing dog boarding
  • Cleaned and walked all of the animals
  • Assist main vet 
  • Feed and care of boarding animals

vet assistant

  • Assisting the doctor during surgeries and even being entrusted to perform castration on stray male cats under supervision. 
  • Took care of a 2 weeks old puppy which needed a 24 hour care because of malnourished and dehydration. 
  • Clean facilities and equipment such as dog pens and surgery equipment. 
  • Maintain boarding records

vet assistant/ tech

  • Trusted with the care and responsiblity of the animals while under the supervision of a RVT or DVM.
  • Assisted with surgical and special procedure/protocols as well as monitor hospitalized patients/anesthetized patients per DVM
  • Perform TPR, as well as treatments such as ear cleaning, wound care, collecting samples for diagnostic procedures and radiographs. 
  • Perform venipuncture and catheter placement on patients.
  • Organized treatment/medical room and inventory duties and responsibilities as well as keep client records and loh controlled drugs per RVT and DVM.

vet assistant

  • prevent the spread of diseases to other animals by maintaining the cleanliness of the hospital.
  •  pre and post anesthetic monitoring. 
  • perform diagnostics such as blood work, radiographs, urinalysis, fecals, pcvs, and much more. 
  • thoroughly explain medical information in a way the owners will understand.

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