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valet attendant

  •  Open hotel main doors and assist guests/visitors entering and leaving the property. 
  •  Assist guests with opening/closing vehicle doors. 
  •  Welcome guests and visitors with appropriate greetings of the day.
  •  Able to communicate parking procedures to guests/visitors. 
  •  Tag guest vehicle keys with date & time, registration number, make/model, room number or contact number of the guest. 
  •  Able to effectively park and retrieve guests cars without causing damage to the vehicle.

valet attendant

  • Moving cars as directed and in accordance with dealership display standards
  • Maintain appearance of vehicle inventory
  • Make key tags & place buyer guides and stock tags in vehicles
  • Maintain cleanliness of driveways and sidewalks, removing debris as needed

valet attendant

  • Maintained an adequate and effective customer service environment.
  • Coordinated various parking solutions for various events.
  • Evaluated the performance of each staff member.
  • Assisted with car parking duties during peek hours.
  • Maintained accurate data on all parked vehicles.
  • Ensured the timely collection of valet fees.
  • ensured the safety of and security of all parked vehicles.

valet attendant/ramp agent

  • Efficiently and safely park and retrieve all vehicles to and from designated areas.
  • First point of contact for aircraft/passengers arriving on our ramp. 
  • Assist with loading and unloading guest luggage, ensuring all belongings are transferred to the correct aircraft, and vehicles. 
  • Respond to all guest inquiries and resolve service discrepancies accordingly.
  • Assist Line Service Tech’s with marshaling, connecting and disconnecting Ground Power Units, and Tow-spotting aircraft. 
  • Perform additional duties and tasks as assigned.      

valet attendant

  • Greet guests and assist in unloading luggage
  • Assess valeted vehicle for damages, record time of return of customers and sold car washes
  • Create claim checks containing above information as well as make, models and colours of vehicle
  • Drive cars into parking garage for storage and pickup upon customers arrival
  • Relocate valet cars from long term to short term stay areas as well as between terminals
  • Provide customer service and directions to passengers
  • Provide a safe, clean and efficient environment