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transporter/tech aid

  • Directly assist nuclear medicine technologists with imaging procedures.
  • Coordinate patient moves from beds, gurneys, and wheelchairs to gamma camera.
  • Maintain and follow standard quality, safety, environmental, and infection control policies and procedures.
  • Educate patients on topics such as nuclear medicine imaging procedures.
  • Adhere to state and federal laws, regulations, and statutes.
  • Identify correct anatomical and proportional point locations based on patients’ anatomy and positions, contraindications, and precautions related to imaging.
  • Use masks, gloves, and other safety equipment to protect self and patients from infectious diseases. 


  • Transporting patients to each physical therapy sessions.
  • Providing transportation for patients and family members.
  • Controlling  and organizing traffic among in house patients, outpatients, hospital staff and EMT staff. 
  • Plan, organize, and maintain patient schedule.


  • transport cars assigned destinations ( parking stall, mechanics, other destination)
  • identify and reporting damages
  • quality of car is ready for customers
  • customer care ( answer any question customer has to the best of my knowledge)


  • Transported cargo 
  • Hauled heavy equipment 
  • Transported shipping containers 
  • Security 
  • Sargent Major and Cornell driver 
  • Transported passengers  


  • Verify the contents of inventory loads against proof of deliveries.
  • Report delays, accidents, or other traffic and transportation situations to bases or other vehicles, using mobile.
  • Schedule or dispatch workers, work crews, equipment, or service vehicles to appropriate locations, according to customer requests, specifications, or needs, using mobile.
  • Monitor personnel or equipment locations and utilization to coordinate service and schedules via a live tracking system in the vehicles.
  • Oversee all communications between drivers and customers.
  • Drive trucks with capacities greater than 3 tons, including tractor-trailer combinations, to transport and deliver products, or other materials.
  • Supervise the activities of workers engaged in receiving, storing,  and transporting products or materials.