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student research assistant

  • Collect samples of soils, plants, or stream sediment samples in contaminated areas to identify sources of pollution.
  • Prepare soil and plant samples for testing and analysis. 
  • Record test data and prepare reports, summaries, or charts that interpret test results.
  • Make recommendations to control or eliminate unsafe conditions in the contaminated areas.

student research assistant (microbial)

  • Research, document, and select alternatives for web architecture or technologies used in microbiological and immunological research.
  • Creation and management of a lab notebook to ensure constant monitoring of research. 
  • Collaborate with coworkers to determine efficiency and effectiveness of research plans.
  • Follow health guidelines to ensure a safe work environment. 
  • Mix materials to ensure proper mixtures were created and suitable for laboratory testing. 
  • Lab equipment training such as pipetting, sanitary practices, colony plate transfers, agar plate pouring, genome sequencing.

student research assistant

  • Collected and analyze biological data about relationships among and between organisms and their environment.
  • Studied and manage wild animal populations.
  • Programed and use computers to store, process and analyze data.
  • Prepared technical and research reports such as environmental impact reports, and communicate the results to individuals in industry, government, or the general public.

student research assistant

  • Conduct archival research at the British National Archives and Singapore National Archives.
  • Write, present, and publish reports that record history, methodology, along with recommendations for conserving and interpreting findings.
  • Conduct research on economic issues and disseminate research findings through reports and presentations.
  • Review publications prepared by others in order to ensure their historical accuracy.

student research assistant

  • I will be tasked with similar responsibilities I had at Winthrop University.
  • My start date will be March 20 for this position.
  • Species Identification in Arctic Zooplankton Samples 
  • Energy Calculations of lipids  (Bomb Calorimeter)