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stage technician

  • Load, unload, and identify set pieces, props, building materials, machinery, and tools, distributing them to the appropriate locations, according to project plans or specifications.
  • Position, join, align, or seal structural components and set pieces.
  • Clean, sort, and organize supplies. 
  • Tear down and reload scenery and props for transportation.
  • Collaborate with leaders and team members to develop efficient plans for completing a task.
  • Dust, mop, sweep, wash, and paint facilities to create a safe and presentable work space.
  • Anticipate and prevent potential obstacles and safety hazards.

stage technician / sound technician

  • Performed magic on-stage
  • Operated mechanical equipment and rigging during performances such as pyrotechnics, wenches, cranes, and illusion related equipment
  • Maintained and repaired props
  • Assisted with rigging up new equipment and props
  • Operated sound equipment and design during performances
  • Responsible for maintaining and calibrate audio equipment such as microphones and monitors
  • Edit music and sound effects used in shows 

stage technician

  • Coordinate the work of camera, lighting, design, and sound equipment for all auditorium events.
  • Maintain and manage the upkeep of the auditorium and surrounding areas such as the lobby, green room and garage.
  • Assist in building set designs and props.
  • Provide customer service to visiting audience members.

stage technician

  •  Helped organize many events such as the Utah Philharmonic Symphony
  • Worked with many different people
  • Work in stressful situations and had to be able to adapt quickly to things that went wrong.
  • Ran sound and lighting systems     

stage technician

  • Ensure staff, clients and public audience are safe with in osha standards and general safety.
  • Direct lighting and sound for stage productions
  • Work around the clock to check for and fix issues with lighting or sound equipment
  • Help with set design as well as coordinate when the stage crew needed to come on the stage to switch sets as well as arrange how to complete tasks in the most efficient manner