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solutions architect (technical team lead)

  • Mobilink and Warid, Pakistan: VEON JAZZ vEMM15 Project [Mediation Swap out]
  • Consult with customers or other departments on project status, proposals, or technical issues, such as software system design or Development.
  • Interact and coordinate with Professional Services section to deliver non-standard Etisalat Services and Solutions.
  • Recruit team members

solutions architect

  • Implemented the Webgl rendering pipeline for displaying images which is the core part of the application
  • Designed the framework (using RequireJs, Reactjs, KnockoutJs) for the client side (Javascript) application to modularize the code which helps in the scalability, extensibility and performance of the application
  • Extensively contributed to re-architect the server side code to migrate the middle tier from .Net to Java (Apache Camel & Spring) to improve the streaming services & modularize the middle tier so that it could be used by other products in the organization
  • Profiled & analyzed the Java image streaming engine to help address the memory and performance related issues
  • Coordinated with multiple teams to help integrate their SDK’s with the application or vice versa & helped identify and develop the potential design changes
  • Guided a team to help come up with a small lightweight C++ utility which would provide “multi monitor” capability to the application which was a highly sort after feature

solutions architect

  • Contributed to the foundation, growth and development of Fakespace Systems startup business.
  • Design complex graphics and animation for real-time applications, using scientific reference, independent judgment, creativity, and advanced computer equipment.
  • Conducted research, document, rate, and select technologies aligned with client goals for quality, ease of use and deployment.
  • Lead integrations at global client centres .

solutions architect

  • Provide elite customer care and management, technical support and assurance for some of the world’s largest e-commerce customers, shepherding them from the initial scoping through go-live and beyond.
  • Consult during the sales and implementation project phases to understand the size and scope of a client’s deployment and how to best integrate SiteSpect with their environment, either with the SiteSpect cloud or enterprise product solutions, from end-user, through SiteSpect’s reverse proxy to the customer Origin.
  • Provide post go-live technical support, focusing on issues with the client’s or SiteSpect’s environment, troubleshooting data-flow issues, reviewing HTTP error codes, headers, and cookies, performing resizing exercises, configuration changes, and other network related troubleshooting.
  • Support SiteSpect Enterprise product using knowledge of the Linux OS, Load Balancers, Proxies, and other networking products.
  • Work with third-party CDNs (Akamai, Cloudflare), Language Translation Services (MotionPoint), Mobile Optimization Platforms (Mobify), Website Analytics (Google, Tealeaf), and others, along with the client’s environment, to properly integrate SiteSpect within the data flow and optimize routing rules for best efficiency and cost.
  • Perform as Customer Technical Manager for all SiteSpect clients and as a liaison between various SiteSpect groups in supporting these clients.
  • Provide on-going technical reviews for clients to assure they are optimally configured.

solutions architect/onsite coordinator

  • Research, Solution design and architecture of adoption and migration  framework
  • Customer meetings and develop the strategy for function development. 
  • Scope, Schedule, Cost, Risk and Quality management. 
  • Customer expectation management
  • Provide technical guidance or support for the development or troubleshooting of functions.