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sr. scientist

  • New product transfer representative for variety  projects such as RDH , ALK, Kappa/Lambda, Her2 oligo probe, HER2 Dual ISH DNA probe cocktail .
  • Conducted process characterization, process validation, new product transfers of antibody, molekular, primary stains. 
  • Organized, facilitated  and analyzed technical projects and strategies for achieving the goals. 
  • Provided project support  to transfer the Charles River uniblocks , CINtec Histology plus  transfer project. 
  • Confer with process engineers, plant operators, flavor experts, and packaging and marketing specialists to resolve problems in product development.Provided project support  for RDH laboratory for Cobas m511 installation, validated the process for the for the dye reagents.

senior scientist

  • Fully trained scientist, able to fulfill any role within the department
  • Led the late stage process improvement activity for PEGylation and chromatography unit operations as a part of product life cycle management for PEG-GCSF increasing the throughput by 30% and reducing the raw material cost and TAT by 25%. 
  • Resin lifetime studies for chromatographic unit operations involving execution of multiple cycles, data compilation, analysis, interpretation and report preparation. 
  • Hands on experience using Tangential flow filtration for Ultrafiltration and diafiltration.

senior scientist

  • Worked on innovative projects on greases like Nano based lubricants (Grease as well as engine oil), polymeric greases, Calcium sulfonate complex grease, Polyurea grease, fuel additives, alternate fuels, rust preventive oils etc.
  • Handled all type of grease thickeners including innovative polymer thickened grease.
  • Able to handle high end instruments like FTIR, DSC, TGA, GC-MS
  • Hands on experience in handling tribological instruments like Four ball tester, Pin on vee tester, Low temperature torque, Reichert test.
  • Can confidently handle all grease related instruments like EMCOR, high temperature wheel bearing grease tester, Leakage tendency of greases, roll stability, grease working machine, etc.
  • Responsible for all AMC, maintenance of instruments etc.

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