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senior data analyst

  • Performed data extraction, loading, data cleaning, data preparation, data imputation & data visualization. 
  • Computed tests like chi square test & T test.
  • Identified KPI of Call Centers to measure individual performance and reduce cost of calling. This effort also reduced the need for manpower resulting in significant cost savings
  • Conducted Recency Frequency monetary (RFM test) using Cluster Analysisto segment the customers into (1) Willing to pay & able to pay (2) Willing to pay & unable to pay (3) Not willing to pay & not able to pay.
  • Using machine learning algorithms , decision tree and neural networks , the team reduced the calling costs up to 15%
  • Generatedsentiment analysis,to compute the polarity between positive, neutral & negative response from customers. 
  • Worked on Twitter Analysis, to know about the customer background, his spending likes & dislikes, and other behaviours.

senior data analyst

  • Investor Reports – Reports holistic figures to founders and create intricate data such as retention and activation cohorts for the investors.
  • API Integration & Calls –  Using Python Requests library, created scripts to call various network API to make validations operations smoother and fast.
  • Response Code Checker- Created a tool to validate landing page for vouchers using Python Requests library.
  • Data Extraction (MySql) – Developed custom Procedures to extract data according to the data needs of marketing teams.

senior data analyst

  • Restricted data for particular users using Row level security and User filters.
  • Extensively used Alteryx for data preparation which includes data cleansing, data manipulation to create TDE (Tableau Data Extract) for data visualization and created reports using Alteryx designer.
  • Created macros in Alteryx designer to make a connection between tableau server and Alteryx using REST API to pull all the reports, dashboards, data sources from Tableau server to convert into PDF formats to send to the end users.
  • Created macros in Alteryx designer to convert the reports and dashboards from tableau server to PDF format using 3rd party batch files.

senior data analyst

  • Lead and supervise project operations and customer success team.
  • Evaluate customer requirements, sales campaign feasibility, analyze campaign performance data, and dynamically optimize campaign structure.
  • Coordinate with Engineering, Sales and Customer Success team to provide streamlined customer experience.
  • Identify the need for initial or supplemental project resources.

sr. data analyst

  • Understand business processes to build scalable and sustainable data platforms
  • Complex Data Modelling, Data Warehouse Design & Performance Optimization
  • Techno-functional solutions for different business applications in BI & Data Warehousing space
  • Created batch scripts to trigger the Alteryx workflows on a daily and weekly basis.