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school nurse

  • Screening students K-7 for health impairments
  • Teaching students health grades K-7
  • Providing first aid for students grades K-7
  • Record keeping and documentation of student health records

school nurse

  • Provide healthcare to students.
  • Perform health screenings.
  • Coordinate referrals to private healthcare providers.
  • Serve as liaisons between school personnel, family, and community healthcare providers to ensure a healthy school 
  • Maintain complete and detailed records of students’ health care plans and prognoses.

school nurse (licensed vocational nurse)

  • Preventing infections or complications by providing proper G-tube and Tracheostomy care.
  • Monitoring students for any seizure activity
  • Administering tube feedings and monitoring for any adverse reactions.
  • Monitoring students for hypo/hyperglycemia.
  • Administering insulin as needed per sliding scale and calories.
  • Attaining parent-nurse relationship by communicating students conditions with parents and proper medical advisement.

school nurse

  • School Nurse for 500 child elementary school.
  • Perform vision and hearing screening and obtain 99% follow up rate.
  • Treat sick and injured children.
  • Effectively handle emergencies.
  • Teach health classes including hygiene, first aid, and simple dissections.
  • Adhere to state and federal laws and district policies.
  • Consult with or refer the child through the guardian to appropriate health practitioners when necessary.

school nurse

  • Analyze and interpret students’ histories, symptoms, physical findings, or diagnostic information to develop care plans for school.
  • Monitor and insure that students’ immunizations and physicals are up-to-date as required by law.
  • Educate students and families about self-management of acute or chronic illnesses, tailoring instructions to students’  individual circumstances. 
  • Maintain complete and detailed records of students’ health care plans and records.
  • Consult with or refer students and families to appropriate health care practitioners when conditions exceed the scope of practice or expertise.
  • Assess and/or treat acute health care problems such as illnesses, infections, and injuries.
  • Administer prescribed medications and/or treatments to students as needed during school hours.