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product engineer

  • Worked on social media management software, involved in front-end development.
  • Utilized JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, Ajax, HTML5.
  • Led and Built 3 Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) end-to-end, deployed to 400+ service partners.
  • Built Order Management, Invoice Management, Fleet Management, worked with 50+ clients across India. Worked on 20+ Projects.

product engineer

  •  Handle the tasks of providing technical support on Wireless presentation products to customers via chat and email 
  •  Perform responsibilities of analyzing and solving problems of minimal to moderate complexity under the instructions of team leads and management 
  •  Install, configure and modify hardware and software to ensure optimal performance; monitor, log, and track all phases of customer support 
  •  Work remotely with end users to resolve issues and provide required support via TeamViewer or WebEx sessions 
  •  Stay Current on Technical Specifications, Hardware Requirements and Software Revisions to ensure Compatibility 
  • Administer, Manage and resolve customer support issues through Zendesk ticketing system 

senior product engineer

  • As integral member of Media team responsible for quickly resolving highly technical, complex issues related to Media streaming.
  • Resolving Live Media Streaming issues, encoding video content etc.
  • Monitoring End-2-End delivery of content, troubleshooting customer issues real time etc.
  • Involved in all technical aspects of Akamai’s products and services and in maintaining customer relationships.
  • Involved in events preparations on the customer side, few notable events like NFL, Olympics, IPL, Masters etc. Prime role was to get the customer the desired products and streaming workflows set.
  • Help Different Tier’s in implementing customer workflow and network Architecture Designing.

product engineer

  • Inspect products to ensure that specifications are met and to determine whether machines require adjustment.
  • Clean, oil, and lubricate machines, using air hoses, cleaning solutions, rags, oilcans, and grease guns.
  • Thread yarn, thread, or fabric through guides, needles, and rollers of machines.
  • Sew ends of cloth together, by hand or using machines, to form endless lengths of cloth to facilitate processing.
  • Place bobbins on spindles and insert spindles into bobbin-winding machines.
  • Unwind lengths of yarn, thread, or twine from spools and wind onto bobbins.

product engineer (line support)

  •  Daily activities include line support through engineering lots monitoring, data gathering, material handling and planning & execution based on prioritization of projects 
  • Ensure quality lot processing through the application of special work instructions specified by the project owner
  • Perform necessary preventive and corrective actions during lot processing
  • Coordinate lot status with project owners (movement from station to station, potential problems concerning quality and yield) and with production supervisors and personnel (machine and manpower allocation, lot prioritization, material handling, and safekeeping)