Pipefitter Resume Examples

pipefitter / welder

  • Set pumps 
  • Set boilers
  • Worked on 78 inch pipe
  • Master rigger


  • Testing and repair of light and commercial HVAC equipment.
  • Testing and repair of commercial refrigeration equipment.
  • Medical gas piping installation
  • Measure, cut, thread, or bend pipe or tubing

pipefitter, welder & layout tech.

  • Generate computer tapes of final layout design to produce layered photo masks and photo plotting design onto film.
  • Consult with engineers to discuss and interpret design concepts, and determine requirements of detailed working drawings.
  • Threading pipe, assemble and install pipe system.
  • Cutting or drilling holes to permit the passage of pipes by using a pneumatic drill.


  • Install fire suppression systems in commercial environment.
  • Read blueprints in order to lay out and install the suppression systems properly.
  • Cut, thread and hang pipe.
  • Operate machinery (excavator, backhoe, skidsteer, etc)


  • Foreman
  • Welder
  • Pipe fabricator
  • Blueprint


  • Measure, cut, thread, and bend pipe to required angle, using hand or power tools. 
  • Locate and mark the position of pipe installations, connections, passage holes, and fixtures in structures, using measuring instruments such as rulers or levels.
  • Inspect, examine, and test installed systems or pipe lines, using pressure gauge, hydrostatic testing, observation, or other methods.
  • Layout, assemble, fabricate, maintain and repair piping system which carry oil.
  • Works with different types and sizes of materials
  • Safely operates overhead cranes, rigging, pipe threading machine, welding machine,  and various pneumatic hand tools.
  • Work with certified pipe welders by providing accurate pipe preparation and fitting.


  • Assisted pipefitters with every aspect of the job
  • Maintained a clean and orderly work area
  • Retrived any tools necessary for the job
  • Transport materials and equipment to work site
  • Assists pipe fitter to install valves and other fittings
  • Responsible for helping keep my coworker safe from any form of danger
  • Assisted welders with pipe work, grinded, beleveled pipes


  • Turn valves to shut off steam, water, or other gases or liquids from pipe sections, using valve keys or wrenches. Assemble and secure pipes, tubes, fittings, and related equipment.
  • Inspect, examine, and test installed systems and pipelines
  • Measure and mark pipe for cutting and threading.
  • Monitor high and low pressure steam

pipefitter/ welder

  • Install pipe
  • Pipe fabrication
  • Layouts
  • Blueprints


  • Install pipes and fittings that carry water, steam, air, or other liquids or gases inside the University compound. 
  •  Determine the necessary materials for a job
  • Connect pipes, and perform pressure tests to ensure that a pipe system is airtight and watertight. 
  • Collaborate with leaders and team mates and follow safety procedures