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  • Collect cord blood, tissue, or other laboratory specimens, log the specimens, and prepare them for testing.
  • Provide technical information about test results to physicians, family members.
  • Attend training classes to maintain certification licensure, stay current on new developments in the field, or maintain existing knowledge.
  • Provided directions and leadership to calls that require Advance life support.


  • Inventory the supplies and equipment of the assigned emergency response vehicles. 
  • Use communication radio. 
  • Drive safely to the addresses indicated by the central.
  •  Take vital signs Administer the medications to the patient that the doctor requests. 
  • Caring for wounds


  • Paramedic with over 4 years of successful experience in helping patients and bringing them to the nearest hospital .
  • Adaptable Paramedic with critical thinking abilities. Proven leadership illustrated over 4 years of excellent emergency medical performance. Dedicated to fast-paced and compassionate care.
  • Organized Paramedic bringing a proven history of providing excellent patient care through expert medical knowledge and strong patient rapport. Thorough and knowledgeable with a focus on creating a safe and trusting care environment.
  • Perform emergency diagnostic and treatment procedures, such as  airway management, or heart monitoring, during transport.

paramedic (practical, 3 week)

  • Do volunteering work such as medical standby.
  • Practical at Hospitat Tuaran as a Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia member.
  • Learn how to prepare treatment rooms for patient examinations, keeping the rooms neat and clean.
  • Learn how to interview patients to obtain medical information and measure their vital signs, weight, and height.
  • Learn how to clean and sterilize instruments and dispose of contaminated supplies.

paramedic/field training officer

  • Respond to a variety of calls in a high volume metropolitan area.
  • Maintain strong working relationships with firefighters, police officers, and hospital staff in the surrounding area.
  • Train new and existing employees to become more proficient paramedics.
  • Collaborate with education services to continually improve the training program, including implementing new technology