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online english teacher

  • Teaches POSCO employees and its subsidies such as POSCO, POSCO Engineering and Construction, POSCO Coating and Colors, POSCO Mechanical Engineering and Construction..
  • Assist Operations Management as part of Special Team.
  • Conducts 10-minute or 20-minute classes by phone with the use of an Online System. 
  • Assesses student’s initial level. 
  • Plans prepare and deliver student’s effective and appropriate lessons.
  • Submit reports about student’s progress. 
  • Regularly submits lessons and materials for the use of the students.

online english teacher

  • Taught English language to Korean students online with focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentence construction.
  • Provided assistance to Korean students in their written papers with regard to grammar, cohesion, and responsiveness to prompt.
  • Attends meetings, enrichment programs, workshops and training as requested. 
  • Maintains the quality and standard of online teaching. 

online english teacher/ associate

  • Provided 25- minute online classes for students of age 5-50 years old.
  • Taught group classes with 30 and more students online.
  • Provided feedback for the students to review and study
  • Assessed students English level

online english teacher/ team leader/center manager

  •  Teaching English as a second language.
  •  Chosen as a Team Mentor/Senior Teacher to oversee 20+ teachers.
  •  Aiding in communications between administration and teachers,
  •  Oversee training and development of new teachers and enforcing       company policies. 
  •  Giving monthly performance evaluations and
  •  Working in a diverse environment 
  •  Control the classroom environment and flow of class. 

online english teacher

  • Prepare computer devices that is primarily need for teaching.
  • Prepare and study the lesson that was  booked by the students.
  • Initiate and moderate online classroom discussions.
  • Provide assistance to students with the topic he/she confused of.
  • Evaluate students of his/her performance during the online class.
  • Attend online seminars that could enhance the teaching skills for a more effective teaching.