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occupational therapist

  •   Carry out assessments 
  •  Collect information about individuals or clients, using interviews, case histories, observational techniques, and other assessment methods. 
  •  create individualized treatment plans for patients with brain and spinal cord injuries affecting motor function and execute treatment
  • improve patients ‘ fine motor skills utilizing a variety of techniques and equipment 
  • document patients progress throughout the treatment plan 
  •  supervise occupational therapy assistants 
  • document patients progress throughout the treatment plan

junior occupational therapist

  • Even though I am not a licenced Occupational Therapist, as part of my course work I was required to carry out the following tasks;
  • Managed my own caseload, issuing appointments, coming up with treatment plans & following the patient from admittance to discharge.
  • Communicating interviews with patients and identifying their therapeutic goals & needs. 
  • Conducting the necessary assessments & tests to outline the patient’s difficulties.
  •  Designing treatment plans in holistic manner, which respects the patients & family member’s desired treatment outcomes & the clinics minimal requirements for safety.
  • Discharging patients when the therapeutic targets have been reached.
  • Through out my course work I had experience in the following places;Hand therapy department – Mater Dei

occupational therapist

  • Interview and examine patients with breathing or cardiopulmonary disorders.
  • Consult with physicians to develop patient treatment plans.
  • Perform diagnostic tests, such as measuring lung capacity.
  • Monitor and record patients’ progress

occupational therapist, founder/owner/operator

  • Research and consult legal council to incorporate LLC with the State of Missouri.  
  • Establish policies for record keeping and payroll of personnel. 
  • Administer standardized, and informal testing to children with special needs to help determine children’s motor development developmental levels and areas of needs.  
  • Observe and evaluate students’ motor, sensory and behavioral  development in educational and home environments.  
  • Develop and  implement strategies to meet the needs of students with a variety of disabilities.
  • Meet with parents, teachers to discuss their children’s progress, determine their priorities, and  teach skills for dealing with students’ impairments.
  • Collaborate with parents, teachers and insurance providers in the  evaluation, and recommendation of assistive devices for home and school settings.  

occupational therapist, early intervention service

  • Care and support families
  • Consult with other health professionals as required
  • Assess clients (sometimes as a team) to assess mobility, strength, communication, or cognition.
  • Implement and advise on therapeutic activities through play, to promote communication, interaction, muscle strength and coordination 
  • Prescribe and/or provide adaptive equipment, such as wheelchairs, daily living equipment and assistive communication , to maximize client function and self-sufficiency.