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music producer

  • Experience in Electronic Dance Music Production.
  • Advise on arrangements and methods to improve songs.
  • Recording, Mixing. (Learning Mastering)
  • Creating melodies, chords.
  • Good knowledge in Music.
  • Create musical instrument digital interface sounds for music projects, commercials, or film postproduction.

music producer

  • Oversees the production and development of songs.
  • Compose instrumental and vocal elements for sound mixing.
  • Gather ideas for the project.
  • Select songs and schedule sessions for musicians.
  • Control sound check and engineering.
  • Coach the artist and musicians in the studio.
  • Compose with live instrumentation.

music producer/audio engineer

  • Obtained and distributed costumes, props, music, and studio equipment needed to complete productions;
  • Composed music and performances for weekly venues;
  • Promoted the weekly venue onto social media platforms. 
  • Mixing and Mastering

music producer

  • I produced the Farewell theme song for my seniors which took place on the 17th of March, 2018.
  • I provided DJ services at my school’s 61st Annual Sports Meet. 
  • I mixed the instruments onstage for various cultural performances. 
  • I coordinated my school music team and took part for the ZEST culturals in which we got the 2nd place. 
  • I also produced some music for a couple of Short films headed by small time Directors. 

music producer

  • Recording your band
  • Recording your vocals
  • Produce music
  • Mix
  • Master
  • Write vocals and melodies
  • Write and produce instrumentals