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instrument technician

  • Installation, Calibration of general panel / field Instruments (Flow Level, Pressure and Temperature)
  • Pre commissioning and commissioning of new field instruments.
  • Preventive and Breakdown maintenance of process field / panel instruments.
  • Attending shift maintenance and emergency call  on duties.
  • Partial unit shutdown and Annual turn around works in Process Platform.                                                                                 Worked For The Following On-Shore Project :L & T   : Four Well Platform Project                       Calibration,Loop-checking,                       Hookup and Commissioning                     of unmanned  Platform for                         ONGC (ON-SHORE)                      L & T    : BCP B2 Project – Calibration,                    Loop-checking, Hookup and                      Commissioning ofBooster Compressor Platform and Building Module for ONGC.(ON- SHORE)
  • L & T        :    NQRC Project – Calibration,Loop-checking, Hookup  and                                     Commissioning of Booster Compressor Platform and Building Module for ONGC.(ON-SHORE) L & T                :           HA & IA Project (MOQ) – Calibration, Loop-checking, Hookup and                                              Commissioning of Platform and Building Module for Maersk Oil Qatar.                                            (ON- SHORE)ONGC            :           IOGPT   :-  Calibration, Maintenance and  Loop-checking(ON-SHORE)L & T             :           MHNRD -2:- Calibration, Hookup and Commissioning of Unmanned                                              Platform for ONGC.(ON-SHORE) Worked For The Following Off-Shore Project : NAFTHOGAZ  :      OGIP Project –  Commissioning of  Unmanned platform on ONGC                                     For NAFTHOGAZ India .Pvt .Ltd (Off-SHORE)ESSAR               :      NHRC Project –  Maintenance, Loop checking and Commissioning recently                                      worked on ONGC platform for ESSAR .Ltd (Off-SHORE)SWIBER            :      MHNRD-2 Modification – Calibration, Loop-checking and Commissioning                                   Unmanned Platform for ONGC (OFF- SHORE)L & T             :           MHNRD -2:- Calibration, Hookup and Commissioning of Unmanned                                              Platform for ONGC.(OFF – SHORE)

instrument technician/ board man operator

  • Led people (future boardman operators), introduce, teach, familiarize and help them use the DCS in loop checking. 
  • Awareness about plant safety work (PPE, 100% tie off, confined space, and LOTO)
  • Perform calibration of instrument devices like temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, level transmitter, and flow transmitter.
  • Energize instrument and locate junction box and system panel by means of Loop Wiring diagram.
  • Perform wire continuity test for safety or trouble shooting purposes.
  • Perform loop check / monitoring/ guide and give support to field man as Boardman operator.(loop check period)
  • Ensure that proper range and unit are followed base on loop-check folder and instrument tapping point on the P&ID vs Graphics Display.

instrument technician

  • Assess costs and estimate the production capabilities and economic value of oil and gas wells, to evaluate the economic viability of potential drilling sites.
  • Analyze data to recommend placement of wells and supplementary processes to enhance production.
  • Use Experion system (Honeywell) DCS for loop check activity.
  • Perform also as field man for loop check activity.

instrument technician

  • Locate instrument on field by using P&ID and plant location drawing. 
  •  Perform loop test of valves (on-off valve, shutdown valve, blow down valve, flow valve, level valve and temperature valves.
  • Functional & Logic testing, Fire & Gas System, Motor & all related interlock system testing.
  • Perform preventive maintenance as accordance to the company procedure. 

instrument technician

  • Installing, maintaining, inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing and performing preventative maintenance on instrumentation equipment, the control systems and the analyzers. 
  • I am vastly knowledgeable in working on control systems, valves and transmitters that measure the following: ph’s, orp’s, temperatures, flows, pressures, levels, vibrations, control valves.  
  • As an instrument technician, I am responsible for the prompt and accurate diagnosis of minor problems and implementation of corrective actions, along with consulting directly with vendors for resolutions to larger problems. 
  • I have the skills to operate multiple types of shop tools and specialized test equipment, measuring equipment and hand tools that are  utilized in any phase of machine and equipment installation and maintenance. 
  • I’m proficient in 24v DC  and 120v AC controls for instrumentation. 
  • My knowledge extends into working with moisture, gases and gas chromatography analyzers.