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gymnastics coach

  • Perform physical activities for long periods of time.
  • Coordinating with other staff with confidence verbally.
  • Constantly adapting to changes made among workplace.
  • Creating a comfortable and lively environment with smiles, jokes but also focus.

gymnastics coach, birthday party manager, summer camp manager

  • Create a safe and fun learning environment to coach gymnastics to girls and boys from ages two through eighteen. 
  • Coach approximately 40 gymnasts on a weekly basis from preschool, intermediate and advanced classes. 
  • Coach approximately 10 gymnasts on a weekly basis from level two and three USA Gymnastics competitive team. 
  • Alter coaching style based on each individual’s needs.
  • Interact and communicate with other coaches.
  • Communicate with parents of gymnasts to answer questions, address concerns and work together to fulfill each child’s needs. 
  • Keep up to date with current rules and regulations of USA Gymnastics. 

gymnastics coach (preschool-3rd grade)

  • Lead stretching exercises for team members prior to practices.
  • Teach the basics of gymnastics to young beginning gymnasts. 
  • Explain and demonstrate the use of gymnastics equipment such as trampolines, balance beams, and bars.
  • Evaluate athletes’ skills and review performance records to determine their fitness and potential to advance to another level. 
  • Interact with athletes and parents to ensure all athletes get proper coaching. 

gymnastics coach

  • Provide training direction, encouragement and motivation. 
  • Beginner Coaching Qualification.
  • Motivate gymnasts to become stronger and more effective athletes through effective instructions.
  • Prepare, lead and demonstrate activities for the gymnasts.

gymnastics coach

  • After every session, write an overview about the progress of the child, what needs improvement and what they have improved on.
  • Decide whether the child should be moved up to a more advanced level or stay at the same level they’re at. 
  • Teach and demonstrate use of gymnastic and training equipment such as trampolines and weights.
  • Advise children about proper clothing and shoes.
  • Lead the warm up activities. 
  • Create a weekly schedule for each child.