Founder Resume Examples

founder, software project manager

  • Look after software projects and a bit of management.
  • My duty is to  Identify illiterate women and bring them together, hire a few acres of land (usually 6 acres) depending on the number of women I have in the list,  cultivate. plant whats for the season and share among us
  • Maintain instagram and FaceBook posts.
  • Inventory stock on a regular basis. 

founder/captain/public forum debater

  • Formed a now State and Nationally ranked team. My partner and I placed first in several varsity public forum competitions.
  • Researched and prepared for current public forum resolutions and engaged in debate competitions 
  • Observe students to determine qualifications, limitations, abilities, interests, and other individual characteristics.Formed a now State and Nationally ranked team. My partner and I placed first in several varsity public forum competitions
  • Created an online travel community and blog and e-commerce site focused on inspiring Millennials to travel on a budget


  • Website Development and Management
  • Planning and maintaining marketing and financial processes
  • Research niches/product price points with profit potential
  • Manage supplier relationships/negotiating prices
  • Handle customer service/order processing/fulfillment
  • Positioning services during in person prospect meetings
  • All day to day aspects of the business

founder/recording artist

  • Oversee the daily operations of the studio. 
  • Supervise the Chief Operations Manager, Talent Manager, Creative Director and Music Producer.
  • Approve the recruitment and signing of new recording artists and performers.
  • Facilitate and conduct mentorship sessions and training workshops for new and established artists in need of skills to use music in advocacy
  • Make lyrics and co-write songs for vocalists who sing about positive social change.
  • Compose songs and/or create vocal arrangements for new artists
  • Design and initiate social campaigns and activism


  • High-end brand products reseller.
  • Speculate the upcoming trend of high-end products and hence reselling both used and new products, including; shoes, bags, accessories and clothes.