Finance Resume Examples

finance / hr manager

  • Management of invoicing and follow-up of customer payments
  • Management of the accounting software 
  • Employee administration: employment contracts and salary slips
  • Provided in depth analysis for senior leadership team

finance/tax consultant

  •   Working with companies and individuals to plan for their financial futures by offering information and guidance on topics that include taxes, investments and insurance decisions.
  •  Providing advice on tax matters and compliance to corporate client.
  •   Preparing monthly tax returns such as Vat, quarterly Income tax return and Withholding tax returns  for clients manually and on I-tax
  •  Preparing Annual individual and partnership returns.
  • Holding Tax Training workshops


  • Locate and monitor overdue accounts, using computers and a variety of automated systems.Monitor Cash Flow 
  • Preparing Cash and Check Voucher 
  •  Prepare daily/Weekly Budget 
  •  Monitoring  All documents. 
  • Monitoring the Daily Collection Report 
  • Deposit the Cash/Check Collection to the bank everyday. 
  •  Preparing Check Per payroll. 

finance/accounting supevisor

  • Checking of daily Bank Balance both in Thereemar – Manila & Palawan
  • Analysis of Cash Inflows and Cash Outlay
  • Record keeping of Bank Loans and interest of the Thereemar Group of Companies.
  • Financial Statement/Working Capital preparation every cut off – month end
  • Preparation of all out taxes for the month
  • Approval of petty cash voucher and credit memos
  • Processing of Thereemar Palawan transaction  especially purchases and working fund transfer


  • Critical assessment and decision making on commercial fit out projects (reviewing business case i.e. expected costs, profitability and minimum margins achieved)
  • Cost analysis (BvA) and reforecasting throughout the length of the projects (range from 4 weeks to 4 months).
  • Stakeholder management (i.e. suppliers, tradespeople, shopping centres, clients)
  • Conducting a credit investigation for the new customer or accounts


  • coding and recording of invoices
  • reconcilliation of accounts
  • Conducting an audit of Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Sales 
  • Random warehouse and van inventory

finance, accounts & taxation

  •  Managing Accounting work of Corporate office and handling ledgers, reconciliation & managing of all forms of accounting work. 
  •  Prepapation of TDS returns like Salary & other than salary returns. 
  •  Preparation of GST returns of  Director of the company. 
  • Preparation/Counter Checking of all vouchers made


  •  Financial Analysis & reporting for Brands India Business. 
  •  Monthly sales, margins, expenses, receivables & inventory. 
  •  Allocation of funds based on expected collections on weekly basis. 
  •  Reviewing & reporting Receivables trend, ageing, DSO and   Provisioning for bad debts. 
  •  Maintaining & preparation of consolidated financials of entities.  
  •  Maintaining region wise, entity wise, customer & geography wise   product sales & GM’s for further management analysis. 
  •  BRS, Intercompany reconciliations & resolving differences.


  • Involved in day-to-day accounting of five legal entities in Asia. 
  • Variance analysis. 
  • Adjustments entries. 
  • Post closing ledger scrutiny. 
  • Month end closing. 
  • Preparation & Verification of invoices/credit notes every month to be sent to the customer. 
  • Preparation of statement of accounts every month to be sent to the customer and follow. 


  • Calculate form preparation fees according to return complexity and processing time required.Prepare documents needed to implement plans selected by clients.
  • Preparing bank reconciliation for all facilities. 
  • Preparing intercompany reconciliation and clearing all discrepancy. 
  • Preparing Debit memo and credit memo