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field operator

  • operate pumping equipment to transfer oil and gas from wellheads to refineries, within refineries or to storage facilities
  • control the flow of oil and gas through pipelines
  • operate and control equipment to process, manufacture or blend refined oil products, gas and additives into petroleum and gas products, such as LPG, fuels and lubricants
  • set controls through local and computer controlled systems, and observe gauges and instruments on equipment
  • prepare equipment to enable access for maintenance crews
  • collect, process and analyse samples and record data
  • monitor equipment performance for malfunctions, test well pipes for leaks and fractures and request maintenance activities when required

field operator

  • Worked as a Field Operator in the terminal which is having a provision of Storage, Heating, The blending facility for oil cargo received and delivered by road, by sea, and through pipelines.
  • Handled fixed conical roof tanks which store Fuel oil and Gas oil.
  • Handled blending of cargo to maintain required parameters. 
  • Handled vessel loading and unloading operations.
  • Handled hot oil unit operations to maintain cargo temperature at the required level. 
  • Responsible for Analyzing, Reviewing and Planning Activities to optimize operations. 
  • Responsible for carrying out the operational activities safely and efficiently in the assigned area.

field operator

  • Wastewater treatment using a trickling filter
  • Setting up of sprinkler  irrigation equipment on the field
  • Field operations using tillage implements coupled to a tractor
  • Regulate valves, compressors, pumps and auxiliary equipment to flow through DCS panel.
  • Test liquids and gases for chemical characteristics and color.
  • Inspect and adjust damper controls, burner Control in furnaces.
  • Perform make up H2 in HDS Reactor & Isom Reactor.