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executive officer

  • Direct all hiring and training procedures for new employees
  • Continually educate employees on company policies (including sexual harassment, appropriate dress, and social media permissions, etc.) and keep employee handbook current
  • Monitor employee progress and stay abreast on company climate and culture, ensuring it stays positive and productive
  • Coordinate and direct work activities for managers and employees
  • Foster cross-functional relationships and ensure managers and employees are properly connected
  • Regularly meet with employees for progress reviews and assessments, discussing any problems or grievances they may have
  • Promote a positive and open work environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up about issues

executive officer

  • To prepare the billing part for the client of local (including group of industries) and multinational companies 
  • To prepare Monthly Billing 
  • To prepare Monthly Revenue Status 
  • To Prepare Yearly Revenue Status 
  • PO/WO Follow-up 
  • Payment Follow-up 
  • Facebook & Google Payment 

executive officer, individual aid

  • Oversee the processing by IA Cell of all Individual Aid applications  for consideration by the Fd Dir through Hd of IA.
  • Plan the disbursement of funds to AWCs for IA grants by preparing and producing payments sheets for WP, DSG, HCA, RH Allowance, WA and any other cash grants such as Hardship Grants.
  • Manage bank payments of more than 40% of WPs.
  • Check all IA payments for both validity and compliance with current GWT policy and subsequent reconciliation with Acct Cell.
  • Ensure each entry is correctly passed to the pertinent ledger of each IA grant recipient on the IA Database for data integrity.
  • Produce monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports on IA grants as requested internally, GWT (UK) and occasionally Regimental Associations.
  • WP Projection for Planning and Budgeting purposes.

executive officer

  • Provided direction on all ship’s work, drills, exercises, personnel organization, and the policing and inspection of the ship.
  • Supervised all department heads in the implementation of operational and training requirements in performing maritime security operations. 
  • Supervised and monitored safe navigation of ship and proper training of personnel while at sea. 
  • Manage and supervise other HR staff, ensuring they are assigned and carry out proper tasks

executive officer

  • Second-in-command of a tank company consisting of 78 Soldiers and 15 M1A2 Abrams Tanks. Primary individual responsible for the coordination and execution of the Company’s maintenance and logistics.
  • Maintained an operational readiness rate of over 80% while serving as the primary individual responsible for the service of fifteen of the oldest M1A2 Abrams tanks in the Active Duty inventory.
  • Planned, coordinated, and supervised all logistical operations for the Company during multiple high-intensity Battalion- and Brigade-level exercises as sole individual responsible for sustainment operations.
  • Understand and adhere to all pertinent labor laws