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dog bather/floor associate

  • Assist pet parents in choosing the best bathing package for their pet
  • Set up grooming and bathing appointments, over the phone and/or at the front desk
  • Successfully complete walk in nail trims, nail grindings, anal gland expressions, ear cleanings, and teeth brushing
  • Call local vets to confirm rabies vaccine history
  • Assist groomers with anxious, large breed, or senior grooms.
  • Examine dogs prior to taking them to a kennel
  • Monitor all dogs periodically 

dog bather

  • Communicated effectively with clients by phone to determine appropriate pickup times.
  • Carefully clipped nails using gentle approach for anxious pets.
  • Followed effective process for bathing dogs to remove dirt, loose hair, and hair mats.
  • Lifted many dogs of varying weights and breeds for bathing services on daily basis.
  • Spoke to customers regarding grooming and bathing services and pricing.
  • Welcomed customers upon arrival and ushered pets to holding kennels.

dog bather

  • Bathe dogs with shampoos, and the like, appropriate to the package bought.
  • Ensure dogs are fed on time
  • Clean up after dogs on the floors.
  • Watch dogs on the floors and make sure they are behaving well
  • Dry wet dogs with air hose(s)

dog bather

  • Care and attend for all dogs with appointments
  • Use the correct shampoo based on the dogs needs
  • Feed and walk all dogs
  •  Washed and dried dogs. 

dog bather/ store associate

  • Answer phone calls to book appointments and address customer concerns.
  • Performed dog bathing and additional basic grooming services on dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments
  • Adjusted bathing and nail trimming methods as needed to accommodate puppies, seniors, recent rescues, and nervous dogs
  • Complied with strict safety procedures and maintained sanitary work station, grooming tools, and kennels

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